‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Has Found the Perfect Director

Drew Dietsch

Godzilla vs. Kong is the monster matchup fans can’t wait to see. The new MonsterVerse is building towards this showdown and we’ve been wondering who would helm such a colossal battle. Well, we got out answer today and it’s damn awesome.

Adam Wingard (You’re NextThe Guest, and the upcoming Death Note) will spearhead the project. Wingard is a true fan of monster cinema and a great choice for the role. I got to interview him for Blair Witch (a movie I will defend until I’m blue in the face) and he is an absolutely someone who should be making the leap into blockbuster cinema.

The Right Person for the Job

Wingard has a talent for impacting violence and that will serve him well with Godzilla vs. Kong. He’s also a small budget filmmaker who clearly has big dreams. His film The Guest is a triumph of small-scale filmmaking that feels a lot bigger than it should. Plus, his Blair Witch is one of the most exciting and fun horror movies in recent years. The guy can nail big moments like nobody’s business.

We’ll have to wait until Godzilla 2 hits theaters first but this is cause for real excitement. Wingard has been waiting to break out in a big way and this is the ticket he deserves. The guy is a class act and a real lover of genre storytelling. This isn’t some studio hack brought in to simply churn out some product. Wingard is one of us and we’re lucky he’s steering this ship.

If you weren’t already excited for Godzilla vs. Kong, this better get your blood pumping. If not, watch the climactic battle from the original King Kong vs. Godzilla and imagine how it will look with a huge budget and an amazingly talented filmmaker behind the camera:

Godzilla vs. Kong will smash its way into theaters on May 22, 2020. The wait is going to be loooong.

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