‘GLOW’ Trailer Promises Some Gorgeous Ladies, Wrestling, and Lots of Heart

Drew Dietsch

GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) is one of those true stories that begs to be told. The all-female wrestling circuit was founded in the 1980s and has gone on to become a beloved fandom in its own right. There was an excellent documentary released a few years ago and now the story is being told in a new Netflix original series. Check out the first trailer and prepare to get excited. This looks like a ton of fun.

The talent assembled is phenomenal. Alison Brie – a fan favorite thanks to Community – looks like she’s going to deliver some of the best work of her career. She’s always been an incredibly strong performer and this looks like the perfect showcase for her comedic and dramatic skills. Add to the mix comedian Marc Maron as promoter Sam Sylvia and you’ve got two compelling actors headlining a truly unique story.

Not to mention that some of the minds behind Orange Is the New Black are handling things behind the scenes. Truth be told, this seems like a more fascinating and crazy venue in which to tell a story. Wrestling is n industry that thrives on insanity and ridiculousness. That’s true both in the ring and outside of it. And GLOW looks like it will be exploring every unbelievable facet of this wonderful world.

GLOW will chokeslam your heart when it hits Netflix on June 23.

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