Gillian Anderson Goes Full Bowie in This ‘American Gods’ Clip

Drew Dietsch

American Gods has been a surreal delight. The Neil Gaiman adaptation has been a flurry of weird and we can’t get enough. One of the most intriguing characters on the show has been Media. Gillian Anderson plays the personification of all modern entertainment. She has already appeared as Lucille Ball and tried to win over Shadow Moon to her side. Now, we’ve got a look at her first meeting with Technical Boy and she shows up as none other than David friggin’ Bowie. Check out the clip and then stick around for some more info on who else she’s appearing as…

Who Else Can We Expect to See?

First of all, it’s awesome that Bowie is representative as a media idol. This particular incarnation is his Ziggy Stardust persona. Media could feasibly appearas other Bowie personas throughout the show. Here’s hoping for the Thin White Duke.

But, who else will Media appear as? Well, we know for sure she will take the form of Marilyn Monroe at some point. Check out this photo of Anderson as Monroe from her iconic appearance in The Seven Year Itch.

gillian anderson american gods marilyn monroe

If the show follows the novel, we’ll also see Media appear as a news anchor at some point. Whether or not the show makes it a recognizable news anchor remains to be seen. It’s clear that the showrunners are doing much more with the character and that’s awesome. The idea of Media allows for Gillian Anderson to take on the guise of tons of recognizable figures from pop culture.

gillian anderson lucille ball american gods

American Gods clearly understands how to take these outlandish ideas and present them in entrancing ways. You can bet that fans will be clamoring for more appearances from Media and wondering who she’ll appear as next. You’ll have to tune into American Gods to find out. In the meantime, check out all the other characters from the show.

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