‘Ghost Stories’ Casts Martin Freeman For the Film Adaptation

Jessica Dodge

The theater production of West End’s Ghost Stories, first premiered at Liverpool Playhouse, in February 2010 and ran until January 2015. The last showing occurred in the Duke of York’s Theater in London. It has toured around the world, making stops in Toronto, Moscow, and Lima. Unfortunately, however, there are no reports of the production coming to the United States. This is a real shame too, as the play had a strong fan base in the UK from the beginning.

This is the trailer for the theater production:

Creepy! I want to see it now.

Production for the movie adaptation is scheduled for this year with a release date being set for 2017 – hopefully as close to Halloween as possible.

What Is Ghost Stories About?

The trailer doesn’t give any information about what the play is actually about. Also, the theater asked the audience not to give away any details about the show. So there is little information in the interviews and nothing concrete.

Ghost Stories uses a meta-narrative. The main character, Dr. Goodman, a parapsychologist, is delivering a lecture on Ghost Stories. His narratives involve three other main characters who are a night watchman, a businessman, and a teen driver. The three lectured narratives have a direct relation to the story of the doctor who is giving the lecture. And of course, the climax ends with a twist that no one sees coming.

Since the movie is based on the play, there will be some changes. However, I think we can assume that the main theme and its presentation will remain untouched.

Who is Involved?

Martin Freeman wakes up

At Fright Fest, Sherlock‘s Martin Freeman announced that he would appear in the film version. Whichever character he plays, Freeman will undoubtedly do a great job. It’s also been announced that the star of the Hulu miniseries 11/22/63, George MacKay will star alongside Freeman. Based on his age, he is more likely to be cast as the teen, but nothing has yet been officially announced.

Ghost Stories co-writers, Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson, will also direct the film version. So, it might be safe to assume any changes that are made for the adaptation will not interfere with the overall re-interpretation of the play to film.

Hidden Secrets, Twist Endings

The play ends with a bizarre twist. That’s all the information there is. The production has been particularly tight-lipped about revealing much more about what the twist ending might reveal. I can’t wait for the movie’s release when the ghost will pop out from the screen to scare. Who says Halloween can’t be like Christmas?

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