‘Ghost in the Shell’ Motion Posters Show an Eclectic Cast of Characters

Drew Dietsch

Ghost in the Shell is looking better and better the more we see of it. The fact that this bizarre sci-fi action film has been translated to the big screen is miraculous in its own way. Even more astounding is how delightfully weird everything looks. The designs, the tech, the tone, and even the action are something we haven’t seen since The Matrix. That’s appropriate since the original Ghost in the Shell is one of the biggest influences on The Matrix.

We’ve now got a whole bunch of character motion posters that help give us a look at this crazy ensemble. Adjust your optic implants and scan these pretties!

This is Definitely Ghost in the Shell

It’s awesome to see such stylish sci-fi designs make their way to the big screen. A lot of blockbuster sci-fi flicks have looked kind of streamlined and samey over the years. That’s not something you can say about Ghost in the Shell. This is furiously cyberpunk and that’s a style we don’t see enough of in our movies these days.

Curiously missing from these posters is Michael Pitt’s character, Kuze. As the villain of the piece, the marketing might be trying to hide him a bit. That’s a little weird since he was such a focal point of the last trailer. Remember that?

Maybe there’s more to him that they don’t want to show off just yet. I’m cool with keeping him in the shadows. Michael Pitt is always captivating, especially when he gets to play baddies. As long as we get plenty of him in the finished film, I’m fine with them keeping him squirreled away.

Ghost in the Shell will hit theaters on MArch 31. Here’s hoping it’s every bit as crazy and uncompromised as the marketing has made it out to be.

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