EXCLUSIVE: ‘Get Out’ Producer Explains Why Ending Was Changed

Chris Tilly

Get Out is the horror hit of the year, with Jordan Peele’s disturbing social scarer turning into a genuine phenomenon at the box office. When the film first came out, Peele told us about a more downbeat ending that was shot, but never used.

For the moment, that ending is online if you want to check it out. And now producer Jason Blum has talked exclusively to FANDOM about why that conclusion wasn’t used.

“We had a more downbeat ending,” explains Blum. “The way I said it to Jordan is: ‘You did such a good job. The fun thing with this movie is you come in in a mixed race audience. And at the very beginning white people are identifying with Alison [Williams] and black people are identifying with Daniel [Kaluuya]. You come out and… everyone’s identifying with Daniel. You do such a good job of bringing everyone together, please you cannot put him now in jail. You’ve got to have a win for this guy that you’ve worked so hard to get everyone to root for.’

“So that’s why we changed the ending. Jordan had final cut – it was up to Jordan to do. He decided to do it. And I’m very glad that he did.”

So are we, with FANDOM giving the film a perfect 5/5 and calling it a masterpiece back in February.

Chris Tilly
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