How to Get the ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Gear in ‘Monster Hunter: World’

Jack DeVries
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Games Monster Hunter PlayStation

Monster Hunter: World features an exclusive treat for PlayStation 4 gamers. Inspired by the hit game Horizon: Zero Dawn, hunters can dress their Palico (the cute cat companion) up in robotic armor, transforming it into the cutest little Watcher ever! The exclusive armor is only available until February 8, but how do you unlock this limited time gear?

In order to access the special event quest “Lessons of the Wild” you’ll need to be at Hunter Rank 6 (HR6) or higher. Unlike previous Monster Hunter games, ranks are based on story progression rather than stats, so you’ll simply need to play the Assigned quests past the 10th mission to rank up. Be warned, this will require some grinding and side quests to make sure your armor is up to snuff.

Want a guide? We’re showing you exactly how to get the armor right here:

If you’re not a high enough rank to get this quest, check out our Monster Hunter: World guide to beef up for hunter before time runs out!

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