Epic Games unveiled the latest hero to join Paragon, their upcoming first-person MOBA currently in early access. Riktor, the metallic bohemoth is covered in chains and gears, making him look like a dominating brute who dreams of becoming a motorcycle.

Primarily a melee hero, Riktor joins the group of tank characters with an aggressive approach to combat. His chain grab ability sends out a hook to pull enemy heroes up close, setting up a devastating punch to the face. In this way, Riktor shares traits with the slew of grappling-hook characters in other MOBA and hero-based games.

What is it about hooking enemies that’s so satisfying? Oh, right, it’s the look of terror that undoubtedly appears on their face when pulled into your team’s gaping maw.

If you’re partial towards Blitzcrank from League of Legends, Pudge from Dota 2, Stitches from Heroes of the Storm, or Roadhog from Overwatch, then give Riktor a try next week when he’s available in Paragon.