‘Gerald’s Game’ Gets Two Killer Leads

Drew Dietsch

Gerald’s Game is one of the most twisted and disturbing books from American author Stephen King. The premise involves a couple who engage in some Fifty Shades of Grey type fun in the bedroom, but things get out of hand and the wife is stuck handcuffed to a bed with no way to get out. It’s unnerving and complicated fare and Netflix has decided to make it into a feature film. We can always use more Stephen King films in the universe, and the hype for this one is a tad heightened thanks to the involvement of director Mike Flanagan (OculusHush). Now, we have confirmation on the who will be playing the two leads and it makes the anticipation for this even greater.

Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood have been tapped to play the lead couple, Jessie and Gerald, and that makes this Stephen King fan immensely happy. Gugino is one of our most underappreciated actresses, turning in solid and fantastic work in genre fare such as Watchmen and Wayward Pines. The chance for her to really let her dramatic prowess loose is unbearably exciting. And Bruce Greenwood? Come on. That’s Captain Christopher Pike right there! Not to mention that Greenwood is one of the many actors to wear the mantle of the Batman. Well, in vocal form at least thanks to his turns in Batman: Under the Red Hood and Young Justice.

These are two dependable and strong character actors who will undoubtedly bring the necessary flair and darkness that Gerald’s Game is going to require. It’s not an easy story and any actor who has to subject themselves to the intensity of this tale deserves some major praise. Thankfully, it’s looking like this adaptation is in very good hands. Flanagan has said that adapting Gerald’s Game has been a dream project for him for nearly two decades. Knowing that a true fan is doing this and is casting fantastic performers makes this a project to keep your eyes on.

No release date is set but you can bet we’ll let you know as soon as it is. I just hope no one confuses this with Geri’s Game.

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