Witness! George Miller Not Done with ‘Max’ After All

Travis Newton

The Mad Max fandom, now stronger than ever, sighed in collective disappointment when a Page Six interview with director revealed that he was done with the franchise.

“Those Mad Maxes take forever. I won’t do those anymore,” Miller was quoted.


But this morning brings good news — when The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Miller about Fury Road‘s Oscar nominations, he stated that the previous interview didn’t quite get it. “I was saying I didn’t want to do Mad Max right away,” he clarified. “I have a few other stories to tell.”

Miller’s precise direction, visual mastery, and simple, powerful storytelling are what makes the Max series so special. The enormous critical success (and modest box office) of Fury Road would indicate that there’s still plenty of guzzolene in this franchise.

The Max series has a timeless quality to it, which was only made more prominent in Fury Road. It’s set in someplace, sometime in the future. The series reinvents itself in each film and the canon is actually quite vague for beloved sci-fi franchise. George Miller is the best choice to reinvent the series yet again, even if he’s not ready to do it just yet.

Travis Newton
Travis Newton is a Fan Contributor at Fandom. He began writing about movies and TV for CHUD.com in 2012, and co-hosts The Drew Reviews Podcast with Fandom Entertainment Editor Drew Dietsch. He’s partial to horror movies, action games, and Irish Breakfast tea.
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