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GDC: Our Post-Show Wrap-Up

GDC 2016 has come and gone, and this week the staff here at Fandom sat down to discuss our big takeaways from the show. In this roundtable discussion between Brett Bates, Jorge Albor, Michael Grimm, and myself, we discuss the big trends and themes of GDC this year, as well as some of the biggest news and announcements coming out of the show.

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Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen is Executive Editor, Games at Fandom. He's been working in the entertainment industry for several years at companies like 20th Century Fox, Vivendi Games, Activision, and Ubisoft. When he isn't trying to play through all the big end-of-year releases, he spends his time obsessing over 'Destiny: Rise of Iron' and all things Dark Souls.

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