‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6: What We Learned from the Second Trailer

TV Game of Thrones
TV Game of Thrones

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HBO just dropped another trailer for Game of Thrones Season 6, and we got busy immediately speculating over the new footage and clues to what’s happening in this new season. Here are they highlights of what we believe may be in store.

Jaime and the Tyrells at the Great Sept


Jaime Lannister is back from Dorne, and he’s furious. His daughter Myrcella is dead, and his sister and beloved Cersei was imprisoned and humiliated by the Great Sparrow. Now he’s back to restore order and possibly vent some some of his rage. There are two scenes in this trailer that shows his intent.


First, his confrontation directly with the High Sparrow where he’s clearly threatening violence with his sword. This scene likely follows the one toward the end of the trailer which shows Jaime with Mace Tyrell and the troops of Highgarden, ready to storm the Great Sept. Tyrell is not pleased to return to King’s Landing to find both his children held prisoner, and he’s also likely under orders from the Queen of Thorns Olenna to get in there and kick some Sparrow butt. We can’t wait to see how this one resolves.

Sansa Wearing the Direwolf Again


Look at that face; Sansa‘s face is of woman who’s sick and tired of putting up with everyone’s sh*t. We are so very ready for Sansa to start getting some payback. Here, she’s obviously escaped successfully, wearing again the Stark’s wolf fur and direwof sigil. She also seems to be in the hands of allies, and is fiercely saying, “All I think about is what was taken from me.” Clearly she has her own internal Arya-style revenge list going, and Baelish might just be on it.

Boltons vs. Davos and the Wildlings


Let’s get ready to rumble! We’re not sure from this trailer what will happen with Jon Snow, but his dream of rallying the Wildlings to help fight with Stannis’ army may yet come to fruition from the looks of things. We see the battlefield strewn with burning flayed men on wooden X-es, the mark of the Boltons’ victory, with Winterfell in the background. Much later we see the giant Wun Wun bursting through a gate. Could that be the Wildlings helping to take back Winterfell? I wouldn’t mind seeing a few Bolton men running for cover from a massive giant run amok.

White Walkers


There’s an awful lot of warning going on in this trailer, most directly from Davos, about the dead who “are coming.” The White Walkers and the Night’s King are Winter incarnate, and they are bringing a war unlike these Summer children have seen before. We’re sure to see them make more moves to go south of The Wall this season, and we’re all hoping the Night’s Watch will have what it takes to hold them back.

Red Priestess in Meereen


Varys and Tyrion have a beautiful new guest at the Pyramid in Meereen, and she wears the red gown and giant red jewel that is signature to Melisandre and the Red Priests and Priestesses of R’hllor the Lord of Light. Last season, Varys and Tyrion see a Red Priestess preaching in the streets, talking about how Daenerys is a prophesied savior sent by R’hllor. We’re curious if this new Priestess is friend or foe, considering the concern on Varys’ face and the smile on hers.

Daenerys Brings the Drogon to Dothrak


Drogon flew a threatened Daenerys to safety away from the fighting pits, but he also leaves her stranded on a plateau above the Dothraki Sea. When she descends from his perch, she’s taken prisoner by an enemy khalasar. In this trailer, we see her being stripped, possibly to meet the khal himself and likely not for good. But then we also see the Dothraki riders looking at the massive shadow of Drogon as the big dragon flies overhead, insinuating that Dany’s biggest baby may be rescuing her yet again.

Arya Becomes Cat of the Canals


We see Arya who has clearly hit bottom with her punishing blindness, having to claw her way back into the good graces of the Faceless Men. She’s training in the shadows of the House of Black and White, most likely with the waif. But she’s stronger and tougher, springing back up after getting knocked down. We also think the bloody hand at the end is likely hers, likely following an assignment of killing someone who was hers to kill. Expect a colder, harder Arya to come.

Tyrion Unleashes the Dragons

Game_of_Thrones-tyrion dragons

Last but not least, Tyrion is first seen talking up the fact that “dragons do not do well in captivity,” and is soon seen exploring the vault beneath the Pyramid of Meereen where the dragons are locked away. In the books, Quentyn Martell seeks out Daenerys in hopes of marrying her, and does the same foolish exploration, unprepared for the fatal destruction dragons can rain down on a victim. I don’t suspect Tyrion will suffer Quentyn’s fate, but it does bring into question what he’s hoping to do there. Likely, he’ll be freeing the dragons, but to what end?

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