Why Is Samwell Tarly So Important in ‘Game of Thrones’?

Drew Dietsch
Game of Thrones TV
Game of Thrones TV

Samwell Tarly may not seem like the bravest or smartest character in Game of Thrones when you first meet him. He is timid, shy, weak, and seems like the most vulnerable target for the brutal world of Westeros. But, Sam has managed to make it all this way and faced challenges many characters can’t even imagine. And moving forward, he’s going to be a vital component in the war against the Night King and the White Walkers.

Knowledge Is Power

Samwell Game of Thrones
Sam and Gilly pour over tons of manuscripts in the Citadel.

Other than Tyrion, Samwell is the character who most values books and knowledge. It’s this dedication to learning that has given him a distinct edge against his foes. His studies discovered a mountain of dragonglass underneath Dragonstone. They were also instrumental in his ability to cure Jorah Mormont of his greyscale disease.

Samwell has demonstrated that he’s a crucial source of game-changing information. It’s obvious that the tomes he took from the Citadel will be necessary for discovering even more surprises that can help stop the Night King. If only for this reason, Samwell Tarly is one of the most important characters in Game of Thrones. But there is another reason he’s a key player…

He’s the Westerosi George R.R. Martin

sam Tarly_Game of Thrones
Sam has grown into a brave and intelligent man over the course of seven seasons.

Samwell Tarly is clearly one of George R.R. Martin’s favorite characters. And once the battle has finally ended, it’s almost certain that Samwell Tarly will be the chronicler of this enormous adventure. Much like Samwise Gamgee — a character that is an obvious inspiration — Samwell will be the one who collects the entirety of Game of Thrones‘ vast story and presents it at the end of the tale. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll be thoroughly shocked.

We’ll find out exactly how important Sam is to the endgame when Game of Thrones airs the last episode of season seven this Sunday.

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