‘Game of Thrones’: Breaking Down the Odds for Who Will Rule Westeros in Season 8

Joey Merkel
TV Game of Thrones
TV Game of Thrones

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is officially in the books. We had deaths, resurrections, walls came down and we hate ourselves for celebrating and cringing at the same time. You know what I’m talking about.

However, with the eighth and final season coming up in, like, two years (ugh), we’re still no closer to finding out who will end up on the Iron Throne. While we have a long time to decide who we think will end up ruling Westeros, our friends at the betting site, Bovada have taken the liberty of handicapping the odds for all the major characters.

For those unfamiliar with odds, here’s a quick breakdown. If someone is (-110) to win a game, that means you must bet $110 to win $100. That means they are the favorite. Their opponent could be (+120) which means that if you bet $100, you win $120 because you’re betting on the underdog.

Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen (-150)

No surprise here. By the end of the season, Jon has proven himself to be the most valiant of soldiers, has aligned himself with the most powerful military force and is the rightful heir, even if he doesn’t know it yet. While some may argue that Jon sitting on the Iron Throne is taking the easy way out, it’s also the outcome that makes the most sense.

Daenerys Targaryen (+200)

Jon has already bent the knee to Daenerys so it seems he doesn’t have a lot of interest in sitting on the Iron Throne. If they end up together, Jon could take the role of trophy husband and cede power to Daenerys. Daenerys on the Iron Throne seems like a decent wager at +200.

Jaime Lannister (+1000)

Jaime comes third for the right to the Iron Throne and I’m a little surprised. With Jaime leaving Cersei’s side in the Season 7 finale, we’re not sure who Jaime will end up fighting for. Would Jaime fight with the people that could kill his baby mama/sister? Would he kill her himself?!?!

Tyrion Lannister (+2000)

Four names in and we are looking at massive odds already. A lot of people would have to die for Tyrion to become the heir to the throne but as one of the more rational people in the kingdom, he’d probably make a good leader. Will he become filled with jealousy and rage at Jon and Dany’s relationship? Could he turn against them and seek the throne for himself?

Cersei Lannister (+2500)


Who says the villain can’t win in the end? In some cases, it makes a story even more satisfying. It worked for Se7en and Gone Girl, and Cersei is just as crazy as Rosamund Pike in the latter. Cersei’s plan to let Dany’s forces battle the Night King alone is a solid plan and it may be her only hope of winning the war. Betting on the incumbent never seems like a bad wager.

Sansa Stark (+2500)

game-thrones-7x04-spoils-war_2 sansa

Could Sansa go from Lady of Winterfell to Queen of Westeros? She’s always wanted the crown but she always desired it to be next to her precious Joffrey. The Knights of the Vale are pledged to House Stark, not House Targaryen. Could a coup be on the horizon?

Night King (+3300)

Big spenders!!! While it’s doubtful the Night King will sit on the Iron Throne, it’s not that crazy to think he could win this war. He’s got an enormous army of the dead that can only be killed a few ways and a dragon that breathes blue flames. The series has shown no signs of giving away any of the Night King’s weaknesses, which begs the question: Does he have any?

Arya Stark (+5000)

At this point, we’re talking about the biggest underdogs, and unless you’re feeling lucky or you have a friend that writes for the show, this is a bad bet. Betting $100 to win $5000 seems like great odds but you’re likely just flushing a clean hundo down the toilet. Arya barely wants to be Lady of Winterfell, Hand of the King/Queen would make a lot more sense.

Bran Stark (+6600)

bran catspaw dagger game of thrones

Me: Congrats Bran! You’re the King of Westeros!

Bran: I’m not Bran, I’m the..

Me: Don’t say it.

Bran: Three-

Me: Don’t do it.

Bran: eyed raven.

Me: **slams head repeatedly on table**

Varys (+6600)

varys game of thrones

What? Someone else is going to have to explain this one to me.

Euron Greyjoy (+10000)

It’s over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND. Props to you if you get the reference, but this one just isn’t happening.

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