‘Game of Thrones’: The History of Dragons in Westeros

Lawrence Yee

Dragons are the stuff of myths in many fantasy series, and the same holds true in Game of Thrones.

The fire-breathing beasts were long believed extinct in Westeros due to natural disaster, war, and inbreeding.

However, Daenerys Targaryen — the aptly named Mother of Dragons — “birthed” three dragons from eggs that were given to her as a wedding gift.

These dragons — Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion — grew from tiny hatchings to massive beasts who obey their mother’s commands, including “dracarys,” which unleashes dragon fire from their maws capable of melting flesh, metal and stone.

The trio of dragons have been used to deadly effect in the series, decimating the slaver fleet in Season 6 and the Lannister loot train in Season 7.

Drogon — named after Dany’s late husband Khal Drogo — is the largest and most fearsome of the trio. He serves as her mount, a weapon of mass destruction, and also an executioner (Drogon incinerated Randyll and Dickon Tarly when they refused to bend the knee after being captured).

Weapons of war

While the dragons have been involved in battles between the Houses, will they be employed in the greater one — the war with the Night King and his White Walkers?

Wights — the undead foot soldiers in the Night King’s army — cannot withstand fire. Their rotting flesh burns easily, and they dare not cross open flames. However, the Night King and White Walkers are more fire-resistant, partially due to the immense cold they radiate from their bodies.

Whether or not that applies to dragon fire remains to be seen, as the dragons have yet to encounter the White Walker threat.

One thing’s for sure … while the dragons are intimidating, they’re not immune. Drogon was heavily wounded in the Battle of the Goldroad by a giant ballista called the Scorpion. Whether the White Walkers weapons can pierce the dragon’s scales is unknown.

With an inevitable confrontation between the White Walkers and men coming, fans will have to see if the dragons will be used to turn the tide of battle.

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Lawrence Yee
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