Bran’s Admission To Sansa Is This Week’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Hidden Moment

Ryan James
TV Game of Thrones
TV Game of Thrones

SPOILER ALERT: Warning, this article contains spoilers from the Season 7, episode three of Game of Thrones, entitled The Queen’s Justice. Proceed at your own risk.

Well, that was certainly an eventful episode of Game of Thrones, wasn’t it? We know who’s responsible for Joffrey‘s death, DaenerysUnsullied warriors took Casterly Rock, Jon Snow got his dragonglass, Melisandre said mysterious things to Varys about the both of them needing to die in Westeros

But the scene with Bran and Sansa in Winterfell‘s godswood was particularly interesting and not only because Bran has gotten so odd and creepy.

In it, not only did Bran tell Sansa he was the Three eyed raven, but he admitted to seeing the horrific events that took place during the night of her wedding to Ramsay Bolton (again, kind of a creepy thing to talk to your sister about) causing Sansa to walk away in tears.

What Does This Mean?

This could mean that Sansa has her very own Westeros version of Oracle, someone who sees and knows everything. True, he probably won’t be acting in quite the same way that Barbara Gordon was since as far as we know there is no Westerosi version of The Jokerunless

But this provides a strategic advantage to whoever has Bran at their side. It could also complicate things for Jon Snow’s position as king in the north if Bran were to let slip that Jon’s actually half-Targaryen. It’s easy to imagine how Littlefinger might use this to his advantage and create unease as to who should really be in charge at Winterfell; the half-Targaryen Jon, or the full-blooded Stark, Sansa.

But what are your thoughts? Did you think Bran was creepy as hell in his scene with Sansa? What do you think his abilities as a greenseer will mean for Sansa? Let us know over on Game of Thrones fan community!

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