Gambit Still Filming in 2017?

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The X-Cajun is back into the production cycle, as previous script issues have been resolved. Producer Simon Kinberg is making the media rounds again discussing with The Hashtag Show about the future of Remy LeBeau. Will Gambit happen before Channing Tatum lands another grand film or do X-fans have to wait a decade ala Deadpool? Today’s update is that the production team has a great script and they’re targeting a 2017 start date. If this sounds like placeholder creative news, it is.

While films like this eventually happen, does the online entertainment media really need to cover it like the RCA dog waiting for the next record to play? If FOX and their X-Team had any sense, they’d introduce Gambit in one of their many upcoming X-flicks. It’s all licensing at this point, so just find an era to work Gambit into and then judge the waters for a solo release. While some fans are clamoring for a Gambit solo flick, how does this sell to the wider market of Tatum followers?

Tack onto that, the fact that guy is starting to build a career that evokes Tom Cruise following his Top Gun turn. If that doesn’t make sense to you, grab an adult movie nerd. Judging by the length of their neckbeard, they might also be to discuss Gambit at great length. It’s just that fandom is staring at an X-future of Wolverine 3, Deadpool 2, and The New Mutants. Where does Gambit fit into that grand scheme? The quick answer is nowhere. The character has all but been marginalized at Marvel, as most mutants have gotten said shaft. Even before that turn, he was trotted out as a plot device or a casual reminder that he spent most of the 90s trying to get into Rogue’s pants. While that might make some of the skunk-striped girls swoon it doesn’t make for great cinema.


Source: Gizmodo

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