FX’s ‘Legion’ Could Change X-Men Forever

FX’s upcoming series Legion had a stunning reveal earlier this year at SDCC ’16. But nobody seemed to have any idea when we would actually get to see it. That changed today when FX announced that the series would premiere on February 8, 2017. And to celebrate that announcement, they gave us another trailer. And you’ve gotta watch it.

What’s going on in this trailer? I have no clue. But it sure looks amazing and seems to have an attitude all its own. Dan Stevens stars as a mutant named David Haller. In the comics, Haller (a.k.a. Legion) is the son of Charles Xavier. After a series of severe traumas had fractured his psyche, Haller developed multiple personalities. But when each personality came with its own unique mutant powers, Haller became quite a handful.

While it’s unclear just how much of the comic story the show will use, we can be confident that Legion is in good hands. Noah Hawley, the showrunner behind FX’s brilliant Fargo, is the showrunner for Legion. Filling out the cast are Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Mackenzie Gray, and many more.

While Hawley and his team have constructed Legion to stand on its own, executive producer Bryan Singer has insinuated that the show “will relate to future X-Men movies.” But you know the business, and you know that might not pan out. But what if Legion (and the other X-Men show currently in development) are the start of a new X-Men continuity?

A new start seems like the right approach after the lukewarm reception of X-Men: Apocalypse and the finality of Logan. The series is in dire need of a fresh take. From the looks of this trailer, Legion could be just what the franchise needs.

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