‘Future Man’ Cast Talks Time Travel, ‘Rick and Morty,’ Steals Our Hearts

Brian Linder
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con Streaming

The FANDOM crew met up with the cast of Future Man at New York Comic Con this week, and we have immediately become obsessed. Not only is the cast hilarious and easy going, but Josh Hutcherson and Haley Joel Osment are both major Rick and Morty fans, and all four of the major stars, including Eliza Coupe, and Derek Wilson, have clearly been studying Future Man‘s subject matter — they know their way around time travel paradoxes

Smart, funny, and can hold down a convo about the spacetime continuum? We’re on board.

Check out our chat with the cast and watch Future Man when it premieres November 14th on Hulu.

Brian Linder
Sr. Content Producer at FANDOM, Brian has been on the fan-media scene since dial-up. He loves space sagas and superheroes.
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