‘Fury Road’ Actress Abbey Lee to Co-Star in ‘The Dark Tower’

Abbey Lee, still fresh off the success of Mad Max: Fury Road, is in talks to co-star in The Dark Tower, playing…Tirana?

The Wrap reports the actress is in negotiations for a role alongside Idris Elba as Roland the Gunslinger in the Nikolaj Arcel-directed adaptation of Stephen King’s massive book series. The series follows Roland and his rag-tag group as travel a post-apocalyptic landscape and attempt to save The Dark Tower and, ultimately, the entire world. It’s fantasy, it’s epic, it’s a western – it’s King’s magnum opus. It’s also been in development as a film for ages now.

Abbey Lee (2)

Lee is apparently playing Tirana, who is being considered a “female lead.” This may come as a surprise to most Dark Tower fans because Tirana is a minor, minor character in the books. She is a low woman (someone who works for the evil Crimson King) in book seven, not a major character by any means. So it’s bizarre to see Tirana being called one of the main characters in the adaptation. It’s possible that Arcel and his team are shifting characters’ prominence. That’s certainly not welcome news to fans.

It’s also possible that Lee isn’t playing Tirana but another major character. Sometimes wires get crossed.

You may recognize Lee from her work in Mad Max: Fury Road where she played The Dag, one of the wives of Immortan Joe.  She’s also appearing in this month’s God of Egypt. Quite a resume she’s building for herself. A starring role in a hotly anticipated epic like The Dark Tower is very, very big news for the young Australian actress.

Fans have been waiting for a faithful adaptation of King’s The Dark Tower for years now. They are surely nervous at this casting news, seeing as how Tirana is a small character but is being billed as a major player. Many fans of the books would rather there be no adaptation than a bad one.

Maybe you can find out more about Tirana by exploring the fantastic Dark Tower wiki. As of now, she’s a big question mark.

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