The Funniest Memes and Moments of ‘Fallout 4: Far Harbor’

Doug Trein
Games Fallout
Games Fallout

The new Fallout 4 DLC, Far Harbor, takes players to a mysterious island off of the coast of Maine in the search of a missing girl. The island hides a slew of secrets, including a hidden colony of synths, and a population of the Children of Atom. With new faction quests, items, and creatures and settlements, there’s plenty of explore. Will you bring peace to the island, or will its dangers swallow you whole?

Players across the internet have been sharing some of their favorite funny moments and memes from Far Harbor. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.


Players have quickly been noticing how the island-dwellers of Far Harbor tend to distrust any visitors from the mainland. Well, some players have responded to that negativity with an insightful pun.


Bowling Ball Launcher

Bowling leagues are serious business! In Beaver Creek Lanes, players can find a new unique weapon by the name of The Striker. This modified Fat Man can launch bowling bowls as projectiles! A couple of regular players in the league created this monstrosity to help one of their team members bowl better. Not only is it a dangerous weapon, but it also triggers a “strike” sound effect with every major hit. Players have been having a lot of fun with this one.

Movie Loving Ghouls

At Eden Meadow Cinemas, players come across a drive-in movie theater with droves of patrons. Funnily enough, those patrons end up being a huge crowd of ghouls. It’s pretty entertaining to watch these brain-dead creatures appreciate the fine art of cinema.

Robobrain Relations

In Far Harbor, players can discover Vault 118. Inside, there is a small population of Robobrains that take part in the quest “Brain Dead.” But did you know if you pass five speech checks with Gilda Broscoe that you can have “robo relations” with her? Doing so will unlock a new perk called Lover’s Embrace that grants a +15% XP boost for 12 hours.

Really Mature, Bethesda

The developers of Fallout 4, Bethesda, create great environments within their games. Bathrooms are perhaps their most creative canvas. There are no shortage of strange items found throughout the game’s many buildings. But these two showcase some of Bethesda’s best creations.



How Did He Die?

The Valentine Detective Agency solves some of the toughest mysteries in the Wasteland. But here’s a death that’s bound to leave more questions than answers. What was the real cause of death here? Death by electrocution, nuclear explosion, or beheading? Your guess is as good as mine, just don’t lose your head trying to discover the truth.


A New Home For Mama Murphy

Several players get annoyed with Mama Murphy, what does she do all day other than sit around in her custom chair? Sanctuary has plenty of work needed to be done, and plenty of other settlers help pull their weight. Thanks to some new settlement buildings, this creative player found a proper place for Mama Murphy. Do not disturb!

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