The Cast of ‘Fringe’: Where Are They Now?

Brian Linder
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It’s been over five years since Fringe ended its five-season television run. The groundbreaking FOX sci-fi series followed the show’s main characters as they contended with parallel universes, unexplained phenomena, and unimaginable threats. Although the adventures of Peter, Olivia, and Walter have come to end, we can still enjoy watching the actors who made Fringe so great. Here’s what the Fringe cast is up to today.

Joshua Jackson (“Peter Bishop”)

Joshua Jackson - Fringe cast: Where are they now?

Long before he played the part of Fringe leading man Peter Bishop, Joshua Jackson was already known to audiences as Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. Jackson has continued to further evolve as an actor since the show ended.

In 2013, Jackson appeared opposite Marisa Tomei in the film Inescapable. But it was his 2014 casting in Showtime’s The Affair that set the stage for the next phase of the Vancouver native’s career.

Jackson’s Affair character, Cole Lockhart, is the jilted husband of the show’s female lead. He’s the son of a legacy Montauk family who suffers a horrible loss when Cole and his wife Alison lose their child. Cole wants them to share their pain together, but the tragedy ultimate drives Alison into the arms of another man. In a Golden Globe-winner show that affords plenty of opportunity for outstanding dramatic performances, Jackson has seized each of them and made Cole one of strongest characters on The Affair.

When he’s not acting, Jackson is busy working as an advocate for social and environmental causes. He appears in the National Geographic climate change documentary Years of Living Dangerously.

Anna Torv (“Olivia Dunham”)

Anna Torv - Fringe Cast: Where are they now?

Fringe Division special agent Olivia Dunham was the beating heart Fringe. Much more of a badass than the men on the show, Olivia kicked ass and did it in style. Australian actress Anna Torv also memorably played “Fauxlivia,” her character’s alternate universe doppelganger.

Since Fringe ended, Torv has appeared in a number of Australian mini-series (Secret CityDeadline Gallipoli). She also reprised her work voicing the character Nariko in the animated movie of the game Heavenly Sword.

Torv next stars in the Jason Blum horror film Stephanie, playing the mother of a young girl protected by a dark supernatural force. This October, you’ll see Torv in the Netflix drama Mindhunter, from Charlize Theron and David Fincher. She plays Wendy, an FBI psychologist on the case of a serial killer.

John Noble (“Walter Bishop”)

John Noble - Fringe cast: Where are they now?

Walter Bishop, the man at the center of Fringe‘s many mysteries, wouldn’t have made such a significant impact on the series were it not for award-winning actor John Noble.

Since the series ended, Noble has kept on flexing the bad guy muscle he developed playing “Walternate.” He voiced villain Brainiac in the DC animated movie Superman: Unbound, and he’s the voice of Unicron in the Transformers: Prime series. He’s also played Batman antagonist Scarecrow in Arkham Knight.

Noble has been a series regular on Sleepy Hollow since 2013. He’s played the show’s main villain Henry Parrish, a.k.a. The Sin Eater, who (SPOILER ALERT) is later revealed to be Jeremy Crane.

Fans of the modern-day Sherlock Holmes series Elementary will have seen Noble in his recurring role on the CBS show. Noble plays Morland Holmes, Sherlock’s distant father.

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