(UPDATED) Fox Orders ‘X-Men’ Drama Pilot for New Series, Director Announced

Drew Dietsch
TV Marvel
TV Marvel

UPDATE: Bryan Singer has been announced to direct the pilot of this yet-to-be-named series. This is a very strong indication that the show will heavily tie into the established X-Men film series. Exactly what this might mean for the characters we see on the show is unknown. We’ll keep you posted.

Looks like the X-Men franchise is finding new avenues in the world of television. We’ve got Legion – which looks awesome – hitting screens in just a few weeks and now Fox has greenlit a new X-Men pilot. Burn Notice writer Matt Nix will pen the pilot and act as showrunner.

According to Nix, the show will focus on a pair of parents and their mutant child. After discovering their child’s abilities, they connect with an underground network of mutants in order to avoid a hostile government. No word on what this show will be titled or exactly how it will fit in with the X-Men film series. However, Nix has some encouraging words for fans:

“A fan of the movies but also the comics would not be disoriented at all as to where this fits in the mythology. If you look at the movies, which take place from — they started in 2003 to now — they don’t all line up perfectly. I’m not slavishly fitting them into a particular slot. But at the same time, if you like the world of the movies, there are definite nods to the movies. It exists in the same general universe.”

What’s Going On With the X-Men Universe?

So it sounds like this will definitely be a part of the X-Men films fans have known. Could this mean appearances from familiar mutants? Such a treat would certainly get fans interested. Heck, a Deadpool cameo would bring the house down! It’s interesting that this show is being much more upfront with its connection to the X-Universe than Legion. Showrunner Noah Hawley has said that the question of how Legion syncs into the film series is a little more open-ended. Considering he was equally coy with Fargo and that ended up having a great connection to its source material, I wouldn’t be surprised if Legion is holding out on some info in order to give fans a big surprise.

Regardless, it sure is a good time to be an X-Men fan. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open for more news on this project. In the meantime, check out some X-Men Tv shows that never came to be.

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