‘Forza Motorsport 7’: 5 Essential Tips for Winning a Race

Nico Faraguna
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Forza Motorsport 7, out now on Xbox One and PC, is a hyper-realistic racer that precisely models the real-world physics of the cars featured. But it’s also a video game, which means there are plenty of ways you can get the leg up on naturally talented drivers. Follow these tips to make sure you come out on top.

1. Tune Your Difficulty

Forza 7 makes it easy to change the difficulty via your car’s settings. If you’re a seasoned racing sim player, you’ll want to immediately turn off some driver assists like suggested line or ABS. And if terms like “suggested line” or “ABS” sound like gibberish to you, Forza 7 still has you covered. In fact, the default settings of Forza 7 are tailored for a casual experience, so you can gradually turn down assists as you get more comfortable with the game.

2. Rewind Whenever

Having trouble with a particular part of the track? Get wiped out or misjudge a turn? Spam the Y button to your heart’s content. You can rewind an unlimited amount of times without any penalty, making it the perfect tool to practice tough moments during your races. If you want to get better faster, this feature can be a literal life-saver!

3. Track Suggestions Are Just Suggestions

Forza 7 turns on a helpful “suggested line” feature by default. It’s a giant, impossible-to-miss track overlay that recommends where your car should be and when you should brake or accelerate for the “optimal line.” While it’s perfect for anyone first learning the lay of a track, remember that it’s merely a suggestion. See if you can brake later, drive faster, and find a better line for your own personal style of racing.

4. Learn the Block Pass

One of the key components to succeeding in any racer is mastering the “block pass” — when a driver zooms ahead of an opposing racer entering a corner and then slows down to “block” the optimal line. So be aggressive in outmaneuvering your opponents, but do watch out: You don’t want to crash!

5. Finesse the “E” Brake

A more advanced but equally vital skill to have in your toolset is using your vehicle’s emergency brake, or “e-brake”. This allows you quickly reposition your vehicle to enter a corner at a preferred angle or gives you some additional slowdown before entering a turn. Using the e-brake will cause your car to “fishtail,” meaning the rear will lose grip and begin to move laterally, so you’ll need to practice often to perfect this technique and not spin out of control.

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