‘The Flash’ On-Set Photos Reveal Earth-19 Flash

Joseph Wilbur
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The Flash should probably be renamed to A Flash because Barry Allen is now one of many Flashes. From Jay Garrick to Jesse Quick, the CW show has plenty of speedsters. And it seems that number is only going to grow. New set photos have emerged that show us a masked man who looks suspiciously like another Flash. Let’s take a look at who he could be.

Who Is Earth-19 Flash?

Flash accelerated man earth 19

From Earth-3 Johnny Quick who relies on speed juice as the source for his speed to the twin teen superheroes, Mas y Menos, there are some pretty weird speedsters, but Accelerated Man definitely tops that list.

Accelerated Man — The Flash of Earth-19 — hails from a world that is essentially a steampunk version of the DC Universe. Accelerated Man protects this world alongside Bat Man, Wonder Woman, and Shrinking Man.

The CW’s Accelerated Man

So far, information on this character is very limited. We know he exists as he was mentioned this season in the episode “Monster“. He’s also a very efficient and talented member of the Flash family, as he supposedly managed to catch all of his Earth’s meta-human criminals. And he’s not the first character to be introduced from Earth-19. He was preceded by Harrison “HR” Wells, who is the former face of S.T.A.R. Labs on Earth Nineteen.

What we don’t know yet is what he will look like when he appears on The Flash, but this seems to be our first hint. These photos were recently taken on the set of The Flash in Vancouver’s Oceanic Plaza.


Although The CW have yet to confirm any further details, the similarities between Earth-19’s Accelerated Man of the comics and this unknown character are definitely there: same scarf, same white belt, same goggles. What more confirmation do we need?

You can catch the next episode of The Flash, “The Present” on Tues, Dec 6 at 8pm EST on The CW.

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