‘The Flash’ Season 3 Potential Villains

Graham Host
TV Arrowverse
TV Arrowverse

So far, The Flash has either killed off most of their Rogues or swayed them over to the side of good. Unfortunately, Eobard Thawne, the most iconic foe of Barry Allen, met his fatal end at the close of Season One. Other than a brief visit in Season Two, it’s fairly certain that he isn’t up for duty as an arch-enemy anytime soon. With a third season confirmed for the speedster, the stage is set for a variety of Flash foes to step up for their fifteen minutes of fame. Here’s a list of some great villains yet to be used against the Flash.

Abra Kadabra

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Another foe from the future, this maniac was born in the 64th century. With science now advanced to the point that it is indistinguishable from magic, Kadabra longs for the applause of an audience. Traveling back to the 20th century, he finds that people remain uninterested in his tricks and starts committing crimes to draw more attention. Although his abilities originally came from advanced technology, a deal made with Neron in the Underworld Unleashed storyline grants him genuine magic powers. Flash could deal with the portrayal by either having him as another genius scientist or affected by one of the dark matter waves from either Earth.

Mirror Master

Somehow, an original member of the Rogues gallery has yet to actually make an appearance in the CW show. Beginning as a simple convict, Sam Scudder experimented with mirrors and discovered a way to get inside reflections. Scudder then used his powers to commit crimes but was constantly beaten by the Flash. Dying in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Evan McCulloch takes over the role as an assassin for hire. Capable of travelling between any two mirrors using the ‘Mirror Dimension’, McCulloh was the main form of transport for the Rogues. Either version of the Mirror Master could be used, potentially Scudder followed by McCulloch.

Mister Element/Doctor Alchemy

Suffering from a multiple personality disorder, Albert Desmond was a law-abiding chemist in his lawful personality and a criminal genius in his darker one. Using his knowledge of chemistry, Mister Element (his evil persona) created elemental weapons such as silicon shields to bulletproof cars. During a stint in jail, Desmond learns of the Philosopher’s Stone. Upon finding the Stone, he begins a new career as Doctor Alchemy. The Stone allows him to restructure objects on the atomic level. The Arrowverse has touched on magic before but the Flash has yet to put it directly in the limelight and Desmond could swing it as either science or magic for his criminal activities. As before, Mister Element could be followed by Doctor Alchemy.

Cobalt Blue

Possibly the most contrived villain in all of the DC universe, Cobalt Blue was a sudden reveal in the Flash legacy. Hidden twin brother of Barry Allen, Malcolm Thawne was given to a passing party of travellers after the doctor delivering both the Thawne and Allen infants bungled the birth and was unable to save the Thawne baby. Years later, Malcolm learnt the truth and uncovered his brother’s secret. His adoptive family possessed a mysterious blue flame that he learnt to wield from his new grandmother. Cobalt Blue then used this power to siphon the Flash’s superspeed. Although it was Wally West who would ultimately defeat him during his own time as the Flash, Cobalt Blue could be used in by the CW series. But not as a twin. That’s just ridiculous.

Zoom (Earth-1)

We’re all fully aware of what happened with the Zoom of Earth-2 but it’s been made clear that the psychotic speedster has his own Earth-1 counterpart. Maybe another dark matter explosion is unlikely but some other incident or experiment gone wrong could potentially grant this possibly insane Earth-1 version the unbalanced powers and personality of his Earth-2 version. I personally hope that we get a Zoom more closely based off of his comic character with time powers.

Other Speedsters


Dark lord of speed, Savitar was a third-world pilot testing a supersonic jet when it, and he, was struck by lightning. After crashing in hostile territory, Savitar found himself able to move at super-speeds to defeat them. Naming himself after Savitr, Hindu god of motion, he dedicated his life to unravelling the secrets of the Speed Force. The knowledge he garnered outstripped that of even Professor Zoom. Powers discovered by Savitar include projecting a null-field round himself at all times, giving speed and kinetic energy to even motionless objects and hypermetabolizing his injuries to heal them within moments. In another Earth, Wally West trains under him following the death of Linda Park. Following a team-up, Wally West of Earth-1 also gains these abilities. Seeing Barry gain and master these abilities would make for a great ongoing back-story.

Blue and Red Trinity

The Soviet attempts to replicate the powers of the Flash, Blue Trinity was a flawed first attempt that ended up emotionally unstable, slow witted and quick to anger. Red Trinity(pictured) was the second attempt and suffered from only marginal effects but ran slightly faster. Blue Trinity eventually fell apart and Red Trinity defected to the USA and began ‘Kapitalist Kourier Service’ as a super-powered intercontinental messenger service. Cassiopeia of Red Trinity died when Savitar cut off access to the Speed Force when he is most of the way up a building and Christina Alexandrova of Blue Trinity later becomes Lady Flash for a brief while before serving under Savitar.


Cloned twin of Barry Allen’s 30th Century grandchild, Inertia was taught to slow down and approach the situation logically rather than the aptly named Impulse. Equal parts Thawne and Allen, Inertia follows in Professor Zoom’s footsteps as much as Impulse treads in the Allen stride. Although it would be ridiculously convoluted to properly insert Inertia and Impulse, the original 1990’s Flash featured his clone of Pollux. Inertia would be an amusing addition to the Flash franchise. A slightly younger, smarter and equally powerful evil clone-Flash? I’ve heard worse ideas.

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