‘The Flash’ “Run Devil Run” Trailer Breakdown

Graham Host
TV Arrowverse
TV Arrowverse

With the première of The Flash season three just over two weeks away, CW has treated us to yet another trailer. “Run Devil Run” puts a new spin on what we know already and gives us a few titbits of extra footage. You can watch the trailer for yourself and check out our breakdown.

Spoilers for The Flash Follow

Barry and Iris are in CC Jitters and Iris realises that she knows ‘Gary’ looks familiar. Barry is embarrassed to correct her and Iris is apologetic as she tries to excuse herself.


Cisco is seen pointing out Barry with the by now recognisable “Who the hell is this?” before we see Barry carrying the unconscious Reverse-Flash from his house on the night he saved his mother.


Barry is then seen explaining to Cisco, Iris and Wally that he created the Flashpoint existence in his Flash outfit. The voiceover continues as we see a speedster running along a building before falling with Barry realising that – with another Flash – he doesn’t have to be a speedster anymore.


Barry generates enough thrust to save Wally as he falls into a dumpster. The scene changes to a living room as Barry corrects himself – not another Flash but ‘Kid’ Flash. Wally asks him to not call him that. Another scene shows Barry happy at watching Wally – as Kid Flash – leave the area.


Now comes a moment of confusion. The start of the trailer shows Cisco and Caitlin leaving the elevator together. But when Barry speeds her into the Cortex, he is accused of kidnapping her. Barry is forced to explain that Caitlin is a scientist they need to help them defeat Rival.


The next few shots are of Barry and Wally duking it out against Rival as text declares that ‘Two Flashes are better than one’. Barry throws Rival some pipes as new text passes across the screen (overlain across recycled footage from previous seasons) – ‘Until one forgets he’s the Flash’.


Barry goes to interrogate Eobard Thawne and receives an ultimatum – chose his life. If he stay’s in the Flashpoint, Barry will forget that he was once the Flash.


The effects of the two timeline cause Barry to collapse before the Rival who tells him it’s inappropriate to ‘quake in his boots’.


The last shots are of Iris – with a bandaged right arm – staring out of a hospital window at two enormous tornadoes and Barry touching his temple as his memories are affected once more.


The Flash will be racing back onto our screens for Tuesday, October 4th on The CW.

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