‘Flash’ Recap and Reaction: “Killer Frost”

Graham Host
TV Arrowverse
TV Arrowverse

Once again, Barry Allen is in mortal peril. Following a daring trap with Wally as bait, he finally caught up with Alchemy. But there is far more going on than meets the eye. Alchemy is little more than a servant to the newest speedster in the Arrowverse – Savitar.

Savitar: God of Speed

Flash Fact: Savitar is named for Savitr, Hindu god of motion. And he lives up to his namesake. In literally a few superspeed footsteps, he moves across Central City. Although most claims to godhood go unfounded, this guy actually seems to have a legitimate claim. When Barry runs things tend to blur together. When Savitar runs, everything blueshifts. Blueshift happens approaching lightspeed. Make of that what you will.


Thankfully, Cisco has suddenly developed the ability to Breach from one place to another. And Savitar hates the cold so much that he runs from Caitlin Snow.

A Cold Front

Talking of Caitlin, she seems to be having a minor identity crisis. Between interrogating the Alchemy acolyte the police caught and taking Albert hostage, Killer Frost is taking control more and more but there is still a spark of Snow inside. Instead of doing what the Earth Two Frost would do – destroy everything in sight – she uses Albert to uncover a pair of Alchemy acolytes to hunt. She wants Alchemy to remove her powers.


But there is a problem. Her chosen victim has heard the future from Savitar. In it, there is no Caitlin, only Zuul Killer Frost. It’s another reminder that the evil speedsters get to use their powers in the coolest – pun intended – ways. Zoom could punch between realities, Eobard Thawne is currently messing about with time and now Savitar is seeing the future. Luckily, the indomitable duo of Vibe and Flash are able to take her down.

The New Kid (Flash)

Wally really makes some strides in this episode – even if he mostly is in a cocoon. Despite all the previous Alchemy-induced meta-humans going rouge, this latest speedster appears to be lacking that certain evil streak. Yet with Joe cutting him free early – despite the science saying otherwise – the group was forced to rely on Caitlin to create a cure. With a ‘but no further’ attitude, Barry plants himself before Killer Frost and leaves himself open for attack. Cold-blooded murder isn’t yet in her and Caitlin comes back to the fore to help.

Wally is unable to slow down

After going through tests in the Speed Lab, Wally to be growing faster than Barry did in the beginning. With his Flashpoint-self slower than the Flash, it appears that Alchemy enhanced his speed. Barry also grew his powers through the use of tachyons so it appears cheating is fine. Despite pushing for hero duties right out of the shell, the team wisely decide to put him through several hundred tests first.

Money Problems

After heroically begging Albert to keep Killer Frost under wraps – humility playing a vital role – Barry receives a Faustian bargain. Quit the CCPD or reveal Caitlin. As far as heroics go, this is one of the best moments Barry has had on the show. But it does bring an important problem to the fore. With Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and HR jobless, how is Team Flash still keeping ends together?

Barry leaves his lab

STAR Labs was a multi-billion dollar facility and they managed to keep the lights on, the machines running, the satellite in the sky, super-magnets working, supercomputers working and materials coming. And their various homes, cars and bank accounts working.

Savitar forces Julian to become Alchemy again

It’s been obvious for some time now that Albert is Alchemy but seeing him with Savitar raises the question of if it’s willingly or not as Savitar urges him to bring about his return. This throws up dozens of questions. Is this Savitar the origin of the Hindu god? Could it be that he is somehow trapped in the Speed Force which is why only Barry could see him? There are so many questions right now but we’ll have to wait until after next weeks Invasion! crossover to find answers.


  • Detective West does make a strong point about being overruled by the science. His years of policing are usually ignored in favour of the newest theory.
  • True to his word, Hipster Wells is starting to pull his weight with innovative advice. Siding with Joe over science really brought him closer to the team.
  • Being a policeman has always been a central part of the Barry Allen character. I refuse to believe that he’s permanently left the CCPD. Hopefully, Albert will be caught and CSI: Barry can make a return.
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