Five Ways to Celebrate DBZ “Piccolo Day”

Billy Arrowsmith

Happy Piccolo Day, everyone! If you haven’t heard of Piccolo Day before, it’s the one very special day of the year when we commemorate King Piccolo taking over the Earth. It’s a day to spend time cherishing and appreciating your loved ones while reflecting on the fact that we could be randomly vaporized at any second. We owe our continued survival not to King Piccolo’s mercy, for he has none, but simply to the fact that we have not yet come to his attention.

Piccolo Day

Here are some ways YOU can spend your day celebrating all things Piccolo!

Choose One of the Sectors of Earth and Destroy It

Okay, this first one is the obligatory option for all the traditionalists out there. I don’t want to be accused of taking the Piccolo out of Piccolo Day. If you really want an AUTHENTIC Piccolo Day, you have to pick one of the 43 sectors of Earth at random and obliterate everything inside.

I realize TECHNICALLY this video says Piccolo Day is on May 13th. That was actually a localization change made in the dubbing. In the original Japanese it was May 9th, and they changed it to the 13th for American audiences. This is because “9” is considered an unlucky number in Japanese culture and “13” is considered an unlucky number in America. So, the REAL Piccolo Day is on May 9th. Confirmed!

Family Bonding Time

Piccolo Throwing Gohan DBZ

Piccolo Day is mostly about togetherness, and that means forging strong relationships between parents and children. If you don’t have a child of your own, don’t worry! Today is the perfect day to steal the child of your archenemy and train them as your own student. This is easier if you’ve recently offed the aforementioned rival. You know you can do a better job raising the child than that pathetic weakling ever could, anyway. It won’t be long until they’re noticeably preferring you to their actual parent.

Go for a Drive

There’s nothing like putting on some sweet new duds and going out for a drive with your pals! If you’ve never learned how to drive before, today is the perfect day to start.

Yes, Piccolo Day Can Be Romantic

Looking to spice up your relationship? Give your spouse or significant other a steamy surprise when they’re taking a bath! They’ll appreciate your no-nonsense attitude.

Reproduce By Shooting Eggs Out of Your Mouth

Piccolo Shooting Eggs

You can really do this any time of the year, but it just feels more special on Piccolo Day. When he was originally killed by Goku, King Piccolo survived by spawning a younger version of himself inside an egg. This is not only a great way to escape death, it’s also a great way to escape awkward social situations or unwanted responsibilities. Don’t be shy about spitting out an egg the next time someone pressures you to go on a date, or asks you to take an extra shift at work.

For more information on Piccolo, check out the Dragon Ball Wiki on Wikia!

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