The Five Most Underrated Perks and Weapons in ‘Black Ops 3’

Games Call of Duty
Games Call of Duty

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has been out for a few months now, and players have gotten a sense of how they prefer to set up their custom classes. It is quite sad to see that the majority of players use only a small number of the perks and weapons available to use. With that in mind, here is a list of the five most underrated weapons and perks in Black Ops 3.


“Show enemy equipment in the world. Delay triggered explosives. Reroll and booby trap Care Packages.”

While not a perk that I personally use, Engineer certainly has its advantages. The primary uses of this perk is to make enemy equipment show up on the minimap, and to delay triggered explosives. The secondary, and often overlooked use of this perk is the ability to reroll and booby trap care packages. Care packages are not that commonly used in multiplayer, so the booby trapping ability is not so useful, but the reroll certainly is. An expensive scorestreak can be obtained the majority of the time this perk is used. If you have trouble playing well enough to get the more valuable scorestreaks, or just want to give your team an even bigger helping-hand, then this is the perk for you.


“Enemy movements are easier to hear.”

Knowing where your enemies are is instrumental to playing every Call of Duty game and Black Ops 3 is no exception. Not a perk for everyone, but with if you have a good set of headphones or speakers, Awareness can be invaluable. Coupling this perk with Tracker can help locating targets even more. Adding Dead Silence (using a wildcard) and the Vision Pulse scorestreak, and you have an extremely effective class for anyone who decides to use any of the game’s melee weapons. You should be warned that if you play the game at a low volume setting, the results of this perk will be minimal and thus should be avoided.


“Reduces the time taken to earn Specialist Abilities”

Overclock is a tier 1 perk which reduces the amount of time it takes to earn a specialist by almost 25%. It is available for unlock very early on in the game and can be put to good effect by almost every player. Because of this faster recharge time, players can use their specialist ability more often, allowing full use of its advantages. If used with a weaponised specialist, you can quite quickly rack up more kills per game, increasing the experience you earn and making you a better player. If used with the fast charging ability specialists, then it can be put to even greater use. Two specialist abilities which gain a great advantage from this perk are Vision Pulse and the Reaper, try them out.


Sheiva Black Ops 3

“Semi-auto marksman assault rifle. Eliminates enemy infantry in 2 shots.”

The Sheiva is a semi-automatic assault rifle unlocked late in the game. It eliminates enemies in just two shots which, in the hands of an experienced player, can be devastating. In Hardcore mode, the one-shot kill and excellent bullet penetration power coupled with the Long-Barrel and High Caliber attachments grants its user one-shot kills if hit in the head at short to medium range in all game modes. I would suggest using the Fast Hands perk in conjunction with this weapon as its Aim Down Sight speed is the slowest of all assault rifles. The default iron sights are slightly obstructive, meaning that a scope is favourable, especially at long ranges. This weapon is unlike any other, and with a bit of practice, can be deployed in almost any situation to great effect.


RK5 Black ops 3

“3-Round burst pistol. Fast burst cycle rate.”

The RK5 is a secondary weapon which doesn’t see as much use as it should. While many believe this to be the worst pistol in the game, in the areas it is strong, it is unparalleled. Used with High Caliber, this pistol gains a headshot multiplier of 1.6x, making use of its vertical recoil. The rate of fire is extremely impressive, and many players can make use of the Suppressor attachment, as it does little to affect the relatively poor range of this weapon. Most players will not find themselves switching to their secondary much when playing with regular weapons, but this weapon is extremely beneficial to those using sniper rifles. In close quarters, the excellent handling of the R5K make it a great choice for any manner of close encounter.

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