5 Things Fans Want to See in ‘LEGO Dimensions’ Year 3


LEGO Dimensions is a toys-to-life video game that is unique in many ways. Instead of sequels, LEGO Dimensions adds expansions each year for three years. The game also features characters from a wide range of intellectual properties, with everything from Back to the Future to Doctor Who to Portal 2.

LEGO Dimensions came out in late 2015 and had five waves of expansions. Year two started in September 2016 and already has a full roster. This begs the question – what would a potential year three look like? Here are five things we want to see in the next installments of LEGO Dimensions.

Star Wars

Star Wars is probably one of the most popular works of fiction. It’s also probably the most popular LEGO theme that LEGO has, including a decade’s worth of LEGO Star Wars games. So, why shouldn’t it be in the game? Even more so since Star Wars Episode VIII is set to come out around the same time as a potential third year of expansions. The Star Wars universe is huge, so there are plenty of areas that LEGO Dimensions could explore. How cool would it be to fight Middle-Earth orcs with your lightsaber? If Star Wars level packs were timed around the release of Episode VIII, players could play as the returning characters from The Force Awakens as well as some old and new faces.


Marvel is unquestionably dominating pop culture right now. While bringing Marvel into Dimensions would be pretty hard to do since DC Comics, the company’s biggest rival, is already in Dimensions, if they could put their differences aside, then it’d be an amazing crossover. In the past, Marvel has teamed up with Warner Bros. and TT Games to make two LEGO Marvel-based games, so there’s a history of cooperation. And now that Disney Infinity has been discontinued, Marvel heroes aren’t appearing in a competing series, opening up LEGO Dimensions as a legitimate alternative. If the stars could align, just imagine dropping Avengers like Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, or even other characters from comics or Marvel’s expanded cinematic universe onto the portal.

Nexo Knights

Nexo Knights is an interesting beast. An original LEGO theme, Nexo Knights takes a futuristic and magical take on the Medieval era and has two books and a TV show based on it. Players who purchase one of these sets could “bring the set to life” with the Nexo Knights app and it would come to life even more if you put it in Dimensions. LEGO could certainly o with including more of its own products to that title.

Custom Packs

blank LEGO figure

Ever since LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogycustom characters have been a big part of LEGO games. Except not in Dimensions. It may be tricky to do within the confines of that game, but it can be done. How? Developers could make a character chip programmed to make a blank character, as seen above. That would be its default look in game. The character would also look like that on the toy pad. However in the game, as you play, you could go to a character customizer section in the main hub area. A player would hop into the character customizer and customize the blank character based on characters you’ve already purchased. There, you might change the body, the arms, the hands, everything, even weapons.

Campaign Pack

Lego person hand holding single lego brick

This one will contain a spoiler for the plot in LEGO Dimensions, so read at your own risk.

At the end of the credits of the starter pack, you see from a first-person perspective, a LEGO person’s hand pick up a brick that looks like the material that the game’s antagonist was made of. They pick it up, and it morphs into them. It ends with the antagonist laughing. Many fans have been wondering what that was all about. So, perhaps this would be the lead-in to a Campaign Pack. The Campaign Pack could be similar to the Story Packs from year two, only it would come with three new characters, a new vehicle, and a new portal with 15 levels instead of six. No new pad, just the things stated above. That way it’s not a new Starter Pack or game, but you get a continuation of the story.


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