Five ‘Street Fighter V’ Players to Watch

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Street Fighter V launched just this week, but the fighting game community at large has had early opportunities to get hands-on with the game and see what the competitive world of Street Fighter V has to offer. From beta release matches to the Capcom Cup and beyond, we’ve seen some very promising and impressive gameplay, strategy, and playing styles. Whether Street Fighter V is your first Street Fighter game or you’re a veteran “world warrior,” these five players are already showing us how it’s done.

1. Snake Eyez

Within the Street Fighter circuit, Snake Eyez is considered to be one of the best Zangief players in the world. Good news for his fans: Snake plans to make Street Fighter V his wrestling ring as well. Zangief in Street Fighter V has a whole set of new tools, including his hit-absorbing V-Skill and an air-based Spinning Pile Driver, and Snake Eyez takes full advantage. He is content to walk forward, which is more than enough to make his opponents second-guess themselves.

2. Xian

If you know of Xian prior to checking out Street Fighter V, it’s more than likely as the player who almost singlehandedly brought Street Fighter IV’s Gen to the big leagues. Xian has continued his dominance into the age of Street Fighter V, with his weapon of choice being Nash, who has been heavily modified since his Street Fighter Alpha days. Despite this, Xian has quickly discovered the nuances of his style and applied them to gameplay, using his normals as pokes/anti-airs, and safe pressure set-ups, and chipping away with his zone-heavy specials. And let’s not forget Xian’s incredible reads.

3. Graham Wolfe

For those of you new to the Street Fighter scene, Graham Wolfe is one of the old-school masters of Street Fighter, making waves in Super Street Fighter II Turbo at EVO and Japan’s coveted Super Battle Opera. He didn’t show any interest in Street Fighter IV and was therefore noticeably absent from any majors. Lucky for us, he’s looking to return to the main stage in a major way. Graham opts to play Vega in his barehanded variation, giving him access to excellent poke strings, combos utilizing Flying Barcelona Attack, and a command grab. Graham has already bested long-time fighting game pros such as Poongko, so we have an idea of what we can expect.

4. LPN

LPN has utilized Bison’s toolset very impressively since the days of Street Fighter IV, and he looks to maintain the dictator’s mighty reign in Street Fighter V. With a whole slew of new tools at his command, LPN plays a rush-down heavy Bison, utilizing his many powerful tools to pressure opponents into making mistakes during his long attack strings. In the very early days of the Street Fighter V beta tournaments, LPN has proven dominant and effective, and he’s presented the community with Bison’s possibilities. Though Bison has been tweaked many times throughout the beta stage, LPN has consistently found a way to earn that W.

5. Infiltration

In the current age of fighting games, Infiltration is already one of the top players worldwide, with a number of championship wins under his belt in the Street Fighter IV circuit. His Street Fighter V play has equally been nothing short of spectacular. Whether it’s in a tournament or on his stream, Infiltration always puts on an entertaining show while maximizing his character’s tools. He also currently looks to favor Nash but has recently shown great skill with new character Rashid as well. No matter who he picks, you’re guaranteed to pick up something from watching any of his matches.

Everyone’s eyes are on Street Fighter V now, and even celebrities are getting thrown into the fray. With this game already replacing the final Street Fighter IV release at EVO, all Street Fighters will need to be on their game and rise up to the occasion.

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The Artist Formerly Known as Caulk
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