Five Reasons to Be Excited for ‘Fallout 4: Far Harbor’

Doug Trein
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Since Fallout 4s release back in September, two content packs have been released: “Automatron” and “Wasteland Workshop.” These additions helped breath some new life into the Commonwealth. Building on their successes, Bethesda is planning on releasing Fallout 4’s first major story expansion, entitled “Far Harbor,” sometime this month.

In “Far Harbor,” the Sole Survivor takes a case from Valentine Detective Agency that leads them on a search for a missing woman and a hidden synth colony. After traveling off the coast the Maine, the player finds themselves on the mysterious island of Far Harbor. The island’s intense radiation levels have resulted in an even more dangerous wilderness. A major conflict between synths, the Children of Atom, and the local townspeople has broken out. It’s up to the Sole Survivor to bring peace to the island – at any cost.

There’s plenty to be excited for in this major expansion! Here are some of the most exciting additions that will pull players back into the Wasteland.

A Huge New World to Explore


In the announcement of the expansion, Bethesda revealed that the “Far Harbor” map is the biggest landmass featured in any Fallout or Elder Scrolls DLC. The expansive island will house plenty of new questlines and collectables across its shores. “Far Harbor” will certainly keep players entertained for weeks as they explore every detail in the new areas.

Survival Difficulty


As a part of the 1.5 update that will launch before “Far Harbor,” Fallout 4 will receive a new survival mode. This mode is perfect for those who like added realism and an additional challenge. Various limitations are placed on the player to create more tense moments. Some Challenge Mode features include no fast travel, saving only when sleeping, and increased lethality from enemies. Players can also catch diseases, experience fatigue, and other status ailments.

Faction Interactions


The conflicts between local settlers, synths, and the Children of Atom will place the Sole Survivor in difficult situations. From what information we can gather, players will have different approaches to bringing peace throughout the island. The announcement for the expansion revealed possible faction questlines. Can you bring peace by siding with the synths on the island? What about the Children of Atom? We’ll have to wait and see.

New Creatures


With Far Harbor’s high radiation level, players are bound to come across new, hostile creatures. A reddit user named WilliamWallace discovered via data mining a handful of new enemies rumored to be in the new expansion. One of his discoveries was a new variant of Yao Guai, called the Ghoul Yao Guai. The high radiation level of the island must have resulted in creating a deadly new species. On top of that, WilliamWallace was also able to find textures for a possible giant squid!

New Weapons and Gear

Like many expansions, players can expect a wide variety of new gear and weapons to equip. The official announcement for “Far Harbor” reveals new high-powered weapons and armor for players to find and equip. Any other details about new gear has been extremely hush-hush, but we expect a small handful of new weapon types. With the game taking place on a giant island, maybe we’ll see some unique weapons that fit the environment. A couple of months back, Fallout 4 modders discovered a working harpoon gun in the game’s code. Perhaps we can expect to see it introduced in “Far Harbor”?

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for more on “Far Harbor” and other Fallout 4 news.

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