Five Excellent Maps From the Original ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’

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Games Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… well technically, it was only a few months ago that the new Star Wars Battlefront hit the shelves and quickly rose to become a best seller. It is no surprise that the game was extremely hyped up: it was a long-awaited entry in the Star Wars Battlefront series (the last one being a mobile game released by THQ called Star Wars Battlefront: Mobile Squadrons). Electronic Arts, the masterminds behind the newly revived series, took it upon themselves to release a series of paid DLC, each providing new content for players to enjoy. The first set was revealed to be called “Outer Rim”, which brings a new mode, two new maps, and a level cap increase to 60 along with a bunch of other new feature. To celebrate the DLC announcement, I’d like to take a step back in time and revisit a classic title: the original Star Wars Battlefront that was released in 2004 and talk about some of the best maps from that game, in my opinion of course!

The original Star Wars: Battlefront was released in 2004 and still provides me with hours of spontaneous fun. Two teams (broken up into two time periods: the Galactic Civil War, which pits the Rebel Alliance against Imperial Stormtroopers, and the Clone Wars, which pits the droids of the Confederacy of Independent Systems against the clones of the Old Republic) fight for control of command posts while trying to take out enemy reinforcements.

The maps in the game are based on locations straight from the movies. For example, Hoth includes the defense of the shield generator from the Imperial AT-AT walkers. But of all the maps available, there are five that I believe go above and beyond to deliver an authentic Star Wars experience — and would be perfect as future DLC in 2015’s Star Wars: Battlefront.

Note: This is only an opinion piece and is not based on any facts or polls. Please keep an open mind when reading this article. Thank you!

Bespin: Platforms

Bespin Platforms

Bespin: Platforms is my favorite map in the entire game. I’ve spent countless hours playing here, and I can usually rack up anywhere from 50-80 kills in a single game. This map has a set of platforms on both sides, which eventually converge into a single bridge that has troops on both sides fighting in close quarters.

In addition to ground combat, a massive dogfight breaks out in the skies above. As the units on the ground fight to take over the bridge, aircraft from above can land on the opposite platforms, attempting to control command posts and offer a good flanking position.

The best feeling in the world is using the rocket launcher to catapult groups of enemies off the platforms, then watching as their bodies soar through the sky. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Tatooine: Mos Eisley

Tatooine Mos Eisley

Ahh, Mos Eisley. This is one of the trickier maps to play, due to it taking place directly in a small Jawa village. Precision aiming is key here. Jawas occasionally get in the way, and unfortunately killing them results in a “team kill,” effectively bringing a player’s score down by one.

In addition to the Jawas, Mos Eisley is home to the Cantina, where, if a player remains inside the building, the famous music from A New Hope will play in the background. Mos Eisley is definitely one of the better places to explore, as players can get on top of buildings and hide behind walls to get the edge on their opponent — or a Jawa. Whichever comes first.

Bonus tip: If you’re playing as a droid, a Jawa may come and repair you using its fusioncutter.

Geonosis: Spire

Geonosis Spire

Note: Geonosis: Spire can only be played in the Clone Wars Era, meaning this map is CIS vs. Republic only.

Geonosis: Spire has to be one of the biggest maps in the game, and certainly it’s one of the longest. At the beginning, it seem like nothing is happening, but soon all hell breaks loose as vehicles and units rapidly fill the entirety of the map. Combat comes from all directions, making this map intimidating.

But for those who can muster up the courage to fight, the goal remains the same: Keep control of the Spire! The CIS have three Techno Union ships that act as non-capturable command posts and can only be destroyed. The Clones are outfitted with slow-to-respawn AT-TEs and a non-capturable gunship acting as a command post. In addition, the Geonosians will fight alongside the CIS for the entirety of the battle.

This map is also host to my favorite vehicle: The Hailfire droid tank! This “wheel of steel” monstrosity can mow down troops at lightning speeds, but the size of the wheels and very poor controls/weaponry can spell disaster if not used properly. All in all, not a bad choice if you’re up for a challenge!

Endor: Bunker

Endor Bunker

Note: Endor: Bunker can only be played in the Galatic Civil War Era, meaning this map is Rebels vs. Imperials only.

I hate Endor: Bunker — at least, I do when I play against my dad, because he always demolishes me.

When he’s not playing, this map can be a lot of fun, because there’s always a surprise to be found. Enemies can literally come right out of the woodwork (there’s a huge downed tree in the middle of the map) and surprise you from all sides. The flora and fauna can cause you to second guess your aiming abilities, so make sure to pay attention to your surroundings so you won’t wind up as bantha fodder.

In addition, the local Ewoks help the Rebel forces by throwing stones. Oh, and, like in Return of the Jedi, they set up traps for Imperial vehicles, like one that sends two logs hurtling into an AT-ST, instantly destroying it.

Another funny thing in this map is watching the AI crash their speeder bikes and instantly die. Of course, it’s not so funny when it happens to you.

Rhen Var: Citadel

Rhen Var Citadel

I’ll admit, there are some maps in the game that I seem to have a ridiculous amount of fun playing, and Rhen Var: Citadel is one of them. Taking place at an abandoned Jedi temple, the Citadel is an extreme test of skill: It is one of the only maps that has no vehicles whatsoever, forcing players to fight face-to-face. Dodging grenades and bullets may seem easy, but becoming surrounded on all sides is a big risk one takes walking into the middle of the fray.

And like on Bespin: Platforms, it is quite enjoyable blasting enemies off the map to send them spiraling down the cliffside.

Wrapping Things Up

With maps like these, it’s no wonder Star Wars: Battlefront continually proves time and time again to be one of my favorite video games of all time. The sheer amount of action, strategy, skill, and fun is enough to last me a lifetime of cherished memories. I’m glad I am able to share my love for this game. Thank you for reading this, and may the Force be with you!

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