Five Amazing Plays from the ‘League of Legends’ MSI


The League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational just wrapped up in Shanghai, China, with Korea’s heavily favored SKT1 clinching a 3-0 victory over North America’s CLG. The finale wasn’t the close nail-biter we were all hoping for, but even so, this MSI was the most exciting to date. In case you missed any second of the tournament, here are our top five amazing plays from MSI.

Darshan Gets a Triple Kill (CLG vs G2)

CLG proved they were a world-class team at MSI this year, and Darshan’s commanding games in the top line. In this play, at just three minutes, Darshan obliterates three G2 players with an excellent level 3 Poppy.

The Soraka Savior

Soraka saw a ton of play at MSI this year, but no one showed off the power of the heals better than SKT’s Wolf during this messy gank attempt.

How To Feed Your Carry

Speaking of thrilling support plays, Wolf has earned my personal MVP award with this ludicrous headbutt against G2 Trick’s Graves to feed his AD Carry.

The Best Dragon Fight

This team fight between CLG and RNG is just crazy. CLG’s Xmithie leaps over the wall as Kindred and casts Lamb’s Respite to prevent RNG from gaining a powerful Dragon Buff. The rest is clean up.

Now That’s a Team Fight

This fight stands out among all others because it lasts so incredibly long. The best part? The crazy 1v1 duel between Stixxay on Caitlyn and Looper on Poppy.

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