‘Fist Fight’ Red-Band Trailer Looks F#&!ing Funny

Drew Dietsch

Fist Fight hasn’t been lighting a whole lot of fires for me. The people involved are all funny but the subject material and the presentation has been lackluster. Looks like that might have been on purpose. Fist Fight just released their red-band trailer and… well, check it out:

NSFW for Language and Content

WOW. That actually looks like a blast. I had no idea the movie was going to be this vulgar and ridiculous. I thought it was going to be nothing but tired slapstick and awkward humor. This is downright filthy and I kind of love it. Seeing as how Charlie Day is infamous for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it was jarring to see the previous trailers paint him in such a milquetoast light. This looks like the Charlie Day I know and love.

And Ice Cube is great! He’s been somewhat diluted over the years but this hearkens back to his time in Friday, the best movie ever about a specific day of the week. And that NWA reference? I don’t care. It made me smile.

It’s always great when we get a good raunchy comedy. We’re often a little too safe with comedy because we’re afraid of being offensive. On some level, comedy should offend. That shock and surprise is part of what makes things funny. And I have to admit that this Fist Fight trailer shocked and surprised me.

I was seriously going to ignore this movie but now it’s jumped up on my list of flicks to see this year. This looks like a dirty blast. Fist Fight will curse up a storm in theaters starting February 17.

For comparison’s sake, check out this far more tame and uninteresting trailer:

Hooray for F-bombs and sex jokes!

Drew Dietsch
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