First Super Nintendo World Trailer Arrives, Real-Life Mario Kart is Happening

Samantha Loveridge
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In case you’ve somehow missed out on the news that Nintendo is building its very own theme park called Super Nintendo World in Japan – which will be part of Universal Studios – the company just released the very first trailer, and it may well be the theme park of our dreams.

Yes, we’re well aware we’ve got years to wait until the park opens in 2020 and it hasn’t even been built yet, but the teaser paints quite the picture of the real-world Nintendo experience.

In the trailer, Mario guides you through a computer-generated version of the space, which includes plenty of nostalgia-inducing sights and sounds.

Watch the trailer below, prepare your wallet for the travel costs and look out for collectable gold coins, green pips and Bowser’s Castle.

Real-life Mario Karting is ACTUALLY happening

If you want to feel even giddier with childish glee, we recommend you watch the Super Nintendo World groundbreaking ceremony, complete with Mario himself.

According to that particular trailer, Super Nintendo World will “have different levels and will offer guests a unique experience. It will also offer for our international and domestic guests a completely immersive experience, which will have attractions, retails and restaurants.”

Most importantly, the bigwigs at Universal Studios want you to know that “a key part of Super Nintendo World will be the Mario Kart experience. And together we have been working to make the Mario Kart experience an attraction that is unlike any the world has ever seen – the most immersive and cutting-edge technological attraction that we could have possibly imagined.

“We know the fans and our guests are going to be thrilled to experience it.”

Super Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, was also present at the groundbreaking ceremony, and said that it’s at Super Nintendo World that “Nintendo games will come to life”.

“Guests will be able to enter a world of excitement where they will feel as if they are playing inside Nintendo videogames. We have been collaborating on many ideas for the world. I am very excited to step into Super Nintendo World and experience its immersiveness.”

Samantha Loveridge
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