First ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ Trailer Leaks, Has Characters From Every Trilogy

Henry Gilbert
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Electronics Arts and Lucasfilm had big plans for this coming Saturday where Star Wars Battlefront 2 would be officially unveiled at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. Unfortunately, as will happen online from time to time, the trailer has leaked out early. Take your first (and very brief) look at what the space opera shooter has to offer.



Lots of information packed into this. Let’s start with that voiceover and the tease of the campaign. While 2015’s Battlefront lacked a dedicated solo mode, Battlefront 2 looks to follow a young woman who is part of the Empire, or what’s left of it.

She’s on the forest moon of Endor watching the second Death Star explode, implying her story takes place during the fall of the Empire that ultimately ends in a climactic battle on Jakku. A great story for a game to tell, particularly if it’s going to have as many big space battles as we see in this trailer.

But there’s more to Star Wars Battlefront 2 than just that. We get to see some of the famous heroes and villains who’ll be in the online battles. The first game mainly featured Original Trilogy people, but not so in Battlefront 2. Not only will new Jedi like Kylo and Rey be in it…

But so will prequel lightsaber wielders. The films never let us see how Yoda would do in a fight against Darth Maul, but that all changes in this game.

Now that the trailer has leaked, expect EA and Lucasfilm to start dropping some official details on the game soon. Based on the trailer, we know that the game is at least on PS4, so it’s safe to assume Xbox One and PC as well. As for release date, it has to be in November, right? We’ll keep you posted when the official confirmation arrives. Just keep watching that 30-second trailer on a loop until then.

Henry Gilbert
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