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Your First Look at Wolverine in ‘Logan’

Logan is going to be one of the most important superhero pictures in our lifetime. Why? Hugh Jackman has been playing the role of Wolverine for almost two decades and is going to retract his claws for the last time. Logan marks the end of an era and it looks like it’s going out exactly as Jackman wants it. The film will be R-rated and more mature in tone. Just check out this black and white teaser for the trailer that lands tomorrow.

Pretty somber, isn’t it? Not only did we get that sneak peek, but we’ve also gotten our first glimpse at how Logan will look for the film, and it raises a serious question. Take a gander.

wolverine logan hugh jackman first look

Notice anything peculiar? That’s right. Logan has scars. That means that his healing factor must be failing or even gone. It’s likely that this film will actually kill off Logan for good, so don’t expect things to be quite so chipper for Ol’ Canucklehead. We know he’ll be facing up against both Caliban and the Reavers, so those claws are going to get quite the workout.

A Different World for Superheroes

It’s amazing to see how superhero films have evolved since Jackman first took on the role for X-Men back in 2000 (!). The fact that an R-rated version of Wolverine will actually happen is pretty amazing. Hopefully, this will be a chance for Jackman to present us with an acting performance full of dramatic weight. If Logan can focus more on the turmoil of the character instead of slicing and dicing – we want that too – we may have a very special superhero flick on our hands.

Logan gives this version of Wolverine his sendoff on March 3. Keep your eyes peeled to Fandom for the reveal of the trailer tomorrow! We can’t wait! Is it tomorrow yet?

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Drew Dietsch

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