First Look at The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood

I like to keep people guessing.
Elder Scrolls Games
Elder Scrolls Games

Bethesda is a company that loves its DLC. In our top five list of add-on’s for open-world games, two spots were taken by one of the company’s signature series, The Elder Scrolls. All eyes are going to be on the Elder Scrolls for the next couple of days as Bethesda and Zenimax unveil their beta for The Elder Scrolls: Legends and the newest DLC for their MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood. Like the previous add-on, “Thieves Guild,” it is a faction-based DLC that will be sure to send players down some dark paths. Check out the trailer below.

This is a cause for excitement among Oblivion fans, as this marks the return to the Gold Coast, an area of Cyrodiil that holds the two cities of Kvatch and Anvil that will be sure to include hours of fun. Here is a full list of the things included.


DLC Content

  • Join the Dark Brotherhood and become a medieval hit man, gaining a unique skill tree, costumes, items, and quests!
  • Return to the Gold Coast, available to all levels of players.
  • New dungeons and bosses!
Dark Brotherhood 2

Also like Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood promises bug patches and a plethora of new content to the base game, free to all players. Check it out below.

Patch Update Content:

  •  The Veteran Rank will be removed.
  •  Introduction of crafting poisons
  • Be able to activate nameplates for all characters.
  • Player’s name will be given a display on Xbox One and PS4.
  • Tired of accidentally deconstructing your favorite item? You can now lock your items.
  • The Grouping Tool has received some notable updates, including a group ready check, improved timer, and a vote-to-kick system.
  • The Crown Store has an updated inventory.
  •  ESO Plus members will get crafting bags.
  • Updated Item Traits.
  • Cyrodiil performance update.
  • Trial scaling for Sanctum Ophidia as well as the inclusion of a Normal and Veteran mode.
  • Balancing updates regarding combat and gameplay, including but not limited to the Fighter’s Guild skill line, Vampires, and stamina…and so much more!
  • Improvements on last add-ons!
  • Inclusion of a District-invasion system for Imperial City!
  • There is more to be discovered!
Dark Brotherhood 3

More will be revealed in the coming weeks. The add-on will be available to PC/Mac on May 31, and on Xbox One/PlayStation 4 on June 14. If you already have an

If you already have an ESO Plus subscription on PC, it’s free. Otherwise, it will cost 2000 crowns from the Crown Store, roughly $20, depending on how you purchase crown packs. A Collector’s Bundle will also be available in the Crown Store for 4,000 crowns. It includes the Dark Brotherhood DLC pack, the Highland Wolf Mount, the Sylvan Nixad pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.

I like to keep people guessing.
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