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First Look at ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Is Magical

Beauty and the Beast is one of the true Disney classics. The upcoming remake has a lot of anticipation behind it. Disney has been doing pretty well with remakes like Cinderella and The Jungle Book. Those felt closer to their source material than films like Maleficent or Alice in Wonderland. Will Beauty and the Beast stay closer to the animated feature? Well, Entertainment Weekly released the first official look at the film’s cast of characters.

Check out these Beauty and the Beast pics!

beauty and the beast cover ew
Our first real look at <a href="">Beast</a>. Dan Stevens is performing CG motion capture for the role.
beauty and the beast belle beast library ew
A better look at our two leads. Beast looks great in this shot!
beauty and the beast belle ew
Emma Watson as <a href="">Belle</a>. That dress is fabulous!
beauty and the beast belle maurice ew
Belle with her father, the goofy inventor <a href="">Maurice</a> (Kevin Kline). Gotta love the facial hair on Kline!
beauty and the beast gaston lefou ew
Josh Gad as <a href="">LeFou</a> and Luke Evans as <a href="">Gaston</a>. From this picture, it seems like Gaston is having a craving for a spicy meatball! #sorrynotsorry
beauty and the beast gaston ew
Looks like Gaston will get his egocentric song in the movie. Good, because that song is the best!
beauty and the beast cogsworth mrs potts lumiere ew
And here are the characters who could steal the show. Ian McKellen as <a href="">Cogsworth</a>, Emma Thompson as <a href="">Mrs. Potts</a>, Ewan McGregor as <a href="">Lumiere</a>, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as <a href="">Babette</a>

These first glimpses really sell the fairy tale aesthetic of the world. The production design is inarguably gorgeous. Beast is the big X factor. How will the CG performance look in motion? We should be seeing a full trailer soon. Odds are they won’t skimp on showing Beast.

At the very least, we know that the film will look astounding. Director Bill Condon has brought this mythic tale to life. It doesn’t hurt that he’s working with a stellar cast. Things are looking pretty good for Beauty and the Beast. We’ll find out if it lives up to the hype on March 17.

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