Goku vs. Goku Black Finally Happened On ‘Dragon Ball Super’

At last the epic Dragon Ball battle that fans have been waiting so long for has finally arrived. The battle for the ages is about to happen as the two giants, Goku Black and Goku finally have their all-out clash in episode 50 of Dragon Ball Super. But what brought us to this main event match-up?

Who Is Goku Black?

If you followed classic DBZ but have fallen behind on the newer episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black is the main antagonist of the Future Trunks Saga of Dragon Ball Super. Introduced as Son Goku’s cruel doppelganger (who’s deceased in that timeline), Goku Black – named by the always observant Future Bulma – is almost identical to the kindhearted hero Goku, though not when it comes to their clothes or attitude. Though he does seem to match Goku’s almost unstoppable power, as Black has dispensed his twisted sense of justice to many different planets and now it’s the Earth’s turn.

Goku Black

Goku vs. Goku Black

A wounded Future Trunks has once more traveled back in time to warn his friends of the imminent threat, but it didn’t work out so well. Goku Black has now arrived, and luckily for humanity, the battle that we’ve been waiting for began in episode 50 of Dragon Ball Super. Regular old Goku steps up to the challenge to defeat his doppelganger, but Goku Black appears to be even more powerful than the leader of the Z warriors. The battle is a bit of a draw in the end, with Goku Black pulled back to his own timeline but not before destroying Future Trunk’s time machines.

What’s In Store For The Future?

The fight was certainly entertaining, but we’re left with many unresolved questions about this evil Goku, and you better be prepared to wait a long time for any answers. As fans and probably those new to the series have quickly realized, Dragon Ball often takes its sweet time to reveal a story arc. It could be many, many episodes before Goku Black returns for his rematch. Still, this leaves us plenty of time to think up more questions about this evil Goku doppelganger — like why’s he wearing a single green earing!?!

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