‘Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’ Mobile Game Coming to the West

Matthew Hadick
Games Final Fantasy
Games Final Fantasy

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a mobile title based on the popular RPG franchise, will be available for western audiences sometime this summer.  The game is wildly popular in the publisher’s native Japan, having recently surpassed a whopping six million downloads.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

The game, which Square Enix co-publisher Gumi Inc. describes as “an entirely new role-playing adventure for the mobile generation,” follows the exploits of a pair of knights from the kingdom of Grandshelt, who happen upon a mysterious young girl. The trio makes their way through a series of dungeons as they search for a highly sought-after crystal.


The story was outlined cryptically in a bit of verse that accompanied Square Enix’s press release:

The hopes and dreams of
legendary warriors given life.
A world of crystals and the visions
that slumber within.

Harnessing the power of the crystals,
mankind prospered, nations flourished.
But just as day gives way to night,
that era of peace proved but a fleeting

Now, as their world stands on the precipice
of ruin, two young knights summon visions
to their side as they strike out on a journey
to chase the shadows.

So begins a new tale of crystals,
and the heroes who would save them…

Gameplay-wise, Square Enix and Gumi Inc. are putting a lot of emphasis on making the game accessible for newcomers while remaining satisfying for genre veterans. Series fans should recognize a variety of memorable Final Fantasy characters, from Final Fantasy IV’s Cecil to Vivi, the adorable black mage from Final Fantasy IX.  Fans should also be excited to recognize new artwork from Yoshitaka Amano, beloved Final Fantasy concept artist.

Players looking to score special in-game items can pre-register for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius at this website. Fandom will have more on the game when we play it on the E3 2016 show floor.

Wikia’s Final Fantasy Wiki has a ton of information about the Japanese version of the game. As always, watch out for spoilers!

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