Final ‘Arrival’ Trailer Means Business

Travis Newton

Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival is one of the year’s most hotly anticipated original movies. Sporting rave reviews out the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest, this one should be on your radar. And just today, Paramount released a rather short final trailer to prepare you. See it below!

I gotta say, this is very similar to the first trailer. In fact, I would say the first trailer was a bit better at explaining the premise of the movie. Arrival is obviously about an alien invasion or the perceived threat of one. Amy Adams stars as a linguist working under contract for the American government to translate an extraterrestrial language. If she doesn’t, the consequences may include global war. Arrival co-stars Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, and Michael Stuhlbarg.

The movie came from a short story called Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang. I’ve read it, and it’s beautiful. But Arrival is a Hollywood movie, so it expands upon the quiet little story. It inflates the scale and ups the ante with the threat of impending war. But despite what you might see in the trailers, Arrival isn’t a war movie. Instead, it is poised to be the best sci-fi film of the year.


Arrival is the newest film from red hot director Denis Villeneuve, whose Prisoners, Enemy, and Sicario are all quite good. The guy makes moody, stylish films with undertones of horror. That makes him a perfect choice to direct his next movie. Arrival may be his first hard sci-fi flick, but it won’t be his only one. Villeneuve is currently directing Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 classic. It stars Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Mackenzie Davis, Jared Leto, and (who else?) Harrison Ford.

And the best way to get hyped up for the next Blade Runner is to see Arrival when it comes out on November 11.

Travis Newton
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