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Doug Trein
Games Destiny
Games Destiny

The latest issue of Game Informer reveals exclusive details about the upcoming Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron. The expansion releases on Sept. 20, 2016 and introduces several new locations, quests, and items for Guardians to discover. In a video interview with Game Director Chris Barrett and Executive Producer Scott Taylor, the developers discuss some special details of the newest social space, Felwinter Peak.


In ages past, the legendary Iron Lords watched over Old Russia from Felwinter Peak. In the mausoleum at the top, statues of the fallen Iron Lords were erected to commemorate their sacrifice to contain the SIVA plague. In time, the Fallen House of Devils discovered the peak and took it over themselves. An early mission requires players to travel to the mountain and kill the Fallen presence. After clearing the area of enemies, the mountaintop becomes Rise of Iron‘s newest social space.

What To Expect

Similar to other social spaces, players will find a new cast of NPCs — including a new Cryptarch, Weapon and Bounty Vendors, and PVP emissary. Also, Iron Banner events will exclusively take place at Felwinter Peak. The PVP tournament will return home to the original home of the Iron Lords! The area will slowly return to full strength with the help of all Guardians. Players will embark on new story missions and quests to dispatch the Fallen Devil Splicers, who have augmented themselves with a powerful plague. In fact, the new playable area, The Plaguelands, is visible from the peak of the mountain. In addition to the new social space, players can look forward to all-new Strikes, updated versions of existing Strikes, a new raid, new Patrol missions, and new Crucible maps.

The Details

Felwinter Peak includes a few interesting details that offer a glimpse into the backstory and traditions of the Iron Lords. All around the area, players will find groups of wolves who call the peak home. The iconic tree featured in the Iron Banner crest is located at the top of Felwinter Peak. By traversing up the mountain, players can discover a large mausoleum featuring statues of the wolves, as well as the Iron Lords of old.

Possible Secrets

The developers mention the area will hold a handful of secrets for players to discover. For example, a short video clip showcased a player using one of the Iron Lord statues in the aforementioned mausoleum to empower an artifact. There are also bells interspersed throughout the area, and the developers hinted that ringing them in a particular order might reveal a surprise.

Destiny: Rise of Iron releases on Sept. 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Be sure to check out our Destiny Wiki for more information on the upcoming expansion!

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