There’s a Touring ‘Fast & Furious’ Arena Show Coming and It Sounds Freaking Awesome

Brian Linder

Glance at the news, and it may seem that the world is descending into gloom and shadow. But never forget, we live in an age of wonder — a time in which the truly remarkable and awe-inspiring can happen at any moment. This is one of those moments: Fast & Furious Live is a thing that’s happening, and it’s coming next year to an arena near you.

That’s right, Universal announced today that they’re bringing all of the action and excitement of the Fast & Furious franchise to life in an all-new global live arena tour. It’s okay… take a moment to catch your breath, and read on.

Debuting in January 2018, the adrenaline-fueled show will transport fans straight into some of the most memorable scenes and stunts from the film series known for its physics-defying action.

Think you’re ready? You’re not ready. Fast & Furious Live will utilize the most advanced technology available to bring audiences into the action. Per the official announcement:

“Audiences will feel the heat from flaming exhausts and marvel at mind-blowing vehicular acrobatics as scene after scene unfolds with the most immersive, entertaining technology imaginable.”

And if that wasn’t enough to make you break out in a cold sweat of anticipation, there’s more: Arenas around the world will be transformed using blockbuster set design, authentic digital projections, and state-of-the-art physical obstacles, into the underground streets of Los Angeles and other hallmark locations from the franchise that crisscross the globe.

And, yes, ALL of the fan-favorite cars from the Fast & Furious movies will be there, as precision performance drivers recreate the most pulse-pounding stunts from the beloved series. Mind. Blown.

Fast & Furious Live is being created by the same team who did Top Gear Live, if you’ve seen or heard of it — expect this to be like that on steroids.

“We’re incredibly proud to announce our partnership with Universal. Together, with a groundbreaking show, we will be bringing Fast & Furious to life in arenas around the world. This is set to be the most spectacular live-automotive production in history,” Executive producer James Cooke-Priest could be heard saying as his souped-up Dodge Charger burst through the nose cone of a burning aircraft at 30,000 ft.

Want to know if the Fast & Furious Live arena tour is coming to a city near you? Naturally, you do. And so do we, but they haven’t announced dates or cities yet. You can register for updates on their website, and we’ll definitely keep you posted on the action!

Brian Linder
Brian is a Sr. Content Producer at FANDOM. He's been on the fan-media scene since dial-up. Arriving at FANDOM via IGN, Brian was a founding editor at early Star Wars fansite and co-created the movie site, FilmForce, acquired by IGN in 2006. He's a fan of space operas and superheroes.
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