Fans Can’t Save ‘Teen Wolf’

Paul V. Rea

When Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis announced that Teen Wolf Season 6 would be the last for the MTV show, many fans quickly zipped right through the five stages of grief. While most of us have reached “acceptance,” some are stuck on “denial” and “bargaining” believing they can somehow save the show. The fans who couldn’t believe their beloved show is ending in 2017 immediately began pushing for the network to reconsider.

Unfortunately, MTV’s decision is part of a wider move away from scripted programming and back toward (cheaper) reality programming, so there’s zero chance that they’ll reconsider. That fact hasn’t stopped some folks from blaming creator Jeff Davis for the show’s planned demise. “Someone did Direct Message me on Instagram telling me to kill myself haha,” he wrote in a recent email.”I take it as a compliment. :)”

Since it became clear that MTV is a dead end, fans changed tactics and focused on other networks that might want to pick up the show. While the future of Teen Wolf beyond Season 6 isn’t solely up to him, Davis says he’s heard the outcry from the fans. “I haven’t been looking online that much, but have heard there are a few Save Teen Wolf petitions.”

Save Teen Wolf Petition

In addition to the petition, fans are inundating Netflix’s Instagram account with “pick up Teen Wolf” messages on every post. While the desire to save the show is understandable, Davis says the efforts to get Netflix or another network to pick up Teen Wolf are also not likely to succeed. “I do not believe shopping the show to another network is a possibility,” Davis says.

He didn’t expand on that, but the show is a joint production between MGM Television and MTV. The actual ownership of this current iteration of Teen Wolf is somewhat complicated. All the various powers involved would have to be on board with any deal, and that is, unfortunately for fans, unlikely.

The best news for fans at this point is that there are 20 new Teen Wolf episodes still to come. The first of those will debut Tuesday, November 15 on MTV.

Paul V. Rea
A monster science created but could not destroy; Paul V. Rea is a radio, TV and web journalist based in Clarkesville, Georgia. Paul is addicted to television of all genres and can often be found mouthing off about things he sees @paulvrea on Twitter.
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