Catch All of Our FANDOM Fest Comic-Con Livestreams in One Place

Lawrence Yee
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con

FANDOM Fest has been one of the most popular destinations at 2017 Comic-Con, with fans stopping by the interactive zone at PETCO Park to refresh with Pepsi products, listen to the expert discussions, celebrity panels, and get recaps of the hottest headlines from the convention.

If you’ve missed any of the action, be sure to watch these recaps below.

SDCC News Updates, Trivia, a Joker Cosplay Makeover and More

Sunday’s livestream includes a truly epic Joker cosplay makeover from Cinema Makeup School.

Valiant Comics Q&A

The creative team at Valiant Comics joins us to talk about the popularity of comic books-turned movies, where they draw inspiration, staying relevant in a digital world, and more.

Resident Evil: Vendetta Q&A

The team behind the Resident Evil CG movies hit the stage to talk about their new movie, Resident Evil: Vendetta, creating a new world while staying rooted in the previous themes/stories, and where they see the series aligning with the US movie franchise.

San Diego Comic-Con Trailer Party on FANDOM Live!

We check out the latest and most talked about trailers coming from Day 1 of SDCC!

Time Travel in Game of Thrones Panel

Based on a popular article around time travel in Game of Thrones, guests discuss various theories of how time travel could impact Game of Thrones in the current season and at its end.

The Challenge of Making a Video Game Movie with Adrian Askarieh at FANDOMFEST

The video game movie has been notoriously difficult to get right. But why? How have films like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil succeeded yet others have failed? What does the next generation of movies based on games have in store? Will VR change the way we watch these kinds of films? And how will celluloid adaptations not only do their video game counterparts justice but also deliver the stories and experiences fans have been craving?

FANDOM Live at San Diego Comic-Con

Hot news from Day 1 of San Diego Comic-Con.

Voltron Q&A

The cast of Voltron talks about the upcoming season.

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