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Summer is around the corner, so get ready to enjoy the great big indoors. Here are all the tear-jerking, alien-hunting, ghost-busting, super-fighting, space-exploring, spine-tingling movies to fill your days.


Captain America: Civil War – May 6
[ooyala video=l3NTl4MTE6VclPyP3yjD2iiqQ6PS7dOs][/ooyala]
When the government tries to regulate superheroes and have them accountable to the United Nations, sides are chosen and friends become enemies. Pro-regulation Team Iron Man includes War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, Vision, and Spider-Man. Anti-authority Team Captain America includes of Hawkeye, Sharon Carter, Falcon, Bucky Barnes, Ant-Man, and Scarlet Witch. It’s the ultimate superhero showdown.
Watch it for: Non-stop action with more superheroes than you can shake a stick at, and Spidey, who joins the Marvel party for the first time.

The Darkness – May 13
After a family trip to the Grand Canyon, a young boy innocently brings home a Native American rock — and the evil forces that come with it.
Watch it for: A good scare on Friday the 13th and a desire to never visit the Grand Canyon.

High Rise – May 13
Robert Laing (Tom Hiddleston) moves into the 25th floor of a new high-rise apartment building that is isolated from the outside world. The residents operate within their own complex caste system, and soon a class-war begins.
Watch it for: The intensity of Tom Hiddleston all contained within one building.

The Lobster – May 13
In a dystopian near future, singles must find a romantic partner in 45 days or they are a turned into wild animals of their choice.
Watch it for: Colin Farrell trying not to turn into a lobster.

Money Monster – May 13
A producer (Julia Roberts) attempts to help financial TV host (George Clooney) after he’s held hostage by a viewer who lost everything by following bad stock advice.
Watch it for: A-list stars Clooney and Roberts and A-list director Jodie Foster.

Angry Birds – May 20
Red (Jason Sudeikis) is a bird with anger issues that lives on a peaceful island of other flightless fowl. When a group of green pigs shows up and steals all their eggs, the birds must slingshot their way into an eggscellent rescue mission.
Watch it for: A who’s who of comedic voice talent including Bill Hader, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Kate McKinnon, Peter Dinklage, Tony Hale, and Keegan-Michael Key. And Sean Penn.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – May 20
Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) finally get rid of their obnoxious fraternity next door, only to have an obnoxious sorority move in. Enter former neighbor/forever college hunk (Zac Efron) to help save the day.
Watch it for: College pranks and Zac Efron’s abs.

The Nice Guys – May 20
[ooyala video=”V5YXFiMzE6_0YotalcydK3Gxiojf_dyg”][/ooyala]
It’s 1977 Los Angeles and a less than stellar private investigator (Ryan Gosling) and a hired enforcer (Russell Crowe) — collectively, the Nice Guys Detective Agency — investigate the case of a missing girl and get caught up in a larger criminal game.
Watch it for: A criminally funny buddy comedy.

Alice Through the Looking Glass – May 27
In the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, Alice (Mia Wasikowska) returns to Underland to save The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) from Time (Sasha Baron Cohen) and The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter).
Watch it for: The wacky wonderland that is Tim Burton’s imagination.

X-Men: Apocalypse – May 27
[ooyala video=dlZnE0MzE6pZ_IyfcNMQ7Y7iexD3CJB9][/ooyala]
Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant who was once worshiped as a god, wakes up on the wrong side of the bed after a thousands-of-years long nap. Disappointed with the state of the world, he wants to destroy and rebuild it and recruits four Horsemen to help him – Storm (Famine), Psylocke (Pestilence), and Magneto (War), and Archangel (Death). Professor X, Raven, and a team of young X-Men try to stop him.
Watch it for: Apocalypse, played by everyone’s favorite rebel fighter pilot Oscar Isaac, new mutants, and a Wolverine cameo.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – June 3
[ooyala video=BncDZhMzE6XqdTzO3gTqGKewVyt04IdP][/ooyala]
The four heroes in a half shell are back in action. Shredder and mad scientist Baxter Stockman have teamed up to create a mutant army starting with henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady, and New York is facing an alien invasion led by Krang. Turtle power is boosted with Splinter, April O’Neil, Vern Fenwick, and newcomer, hockey stick wielding Casey Jones.
Watch it for: Old school TMNT villains. If you thought anthropomorphic turtles were weird, get ready for a rhino and warthog in ’80s getups and a disembodied brain.

Me Before You – June 3
[ooyala video=”E2dWlqMzE6e_B2M142Q33GVB4jsCl2kh”][/ooyala]
Once larger than life, Will (Sam Claflin) has lost the desire to live after an accident leaves him wheelchair-bound. Louisa (Emilia Clarke) is a bubbly but aimless small town woman who agrees to care for him. Together they discover what’s worth living for.
Watch it for: A reminder that your tear ducts are working very, very well.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping – June 3
Singer/Rapper Conner4Real (Adam Samberg) is at the top of his game — he has his own wolf trainer, unicorn handler, fall guy, and jet driver. But when his sophomore album flops, he has to reexamine his career and his dopeness.
Watch it for: Musical artist cameos and original, outrageous music from The Lonely Island.

The Conjuring 2 – June 10
Based on a real case, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren investigate a house in Enfield, England, where a mother and her four children are haunted by poltergeists.
Watch it for: Chills running up and down your body in the summer heat.

Warcraft – June 10
Based on the popular video game, humans and orcs face off in a battle to save their respective civilizations.
Watch it for: A Warcraft experience that doesn’t require months of your life.

Now You See Me 2 – June 10
The Four Horsemen reappear to pull back the curtain on the unethical practices of a tech magnate (Daniel Radcliffe).
Watch it for: A world where illusionists are rockstars.

Finding Dory – June 17
[ooyala video=NwOTBqMTE6h9zZwDfiLBg_jvXq9W0bCj][/ooyala]
A year after the events of Finding Nemo, Dory has a flashback of her family and just keeps swimming from Australia to California to find out where she came from. Dory returns to the aquarium where she was born, and Marlin, Nemo, and new sea friends are also along for the journey.
Watch it for: Another unforgettable Pixar adventure.

Central Intelligence – June 17
A former bullied geek turned CIA agent (Dwayne Johnson) recruits his reluctant friend, a former popular kid turned accountant (Kevin Hart), to help him on a mission.
Watch it for: “A little Hart and a big Johnson.”

Independence Day: Resurgence – June 24
[ooyala video=E5dm0xMzE6a0J8RftYMkSllraSXPuG7o][/ooyala]
They’re baaack. David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and the world have spent the last 20 years building a defense system to prevent another alien attack, and the aliens have spent the same amount of time planning their comeback tour. Nations unite to give them a very unwarm welcome (and stop the destruction of humanity).
Watch it for: Alien-ass-kicking Fourth of July fireworks.

Free State of Jones – June 24
Based on a true story, a poor farmer (Matthew McConaughey) in Jones County, Mississippi leads a group of small farmers and slaves in a successful rebellion against the Confederacy.
Watch it for: McConaughey in another gritty, emotional performance.

The Shallows – June 24
A young surfer (Blake Lively) goes surfing at a secluded beach, is attacked by a shark, and then finds herself stranded on a tiny rock 200 yards from shore while the shark circles nearby.
Watch it for: Blair Waldorf vs. Jaws in Open Water


The BFG – July 1
A Big Friendly Giant kidnaps a young girl and brings her to Giant Country. The two develop a friendship and try to eliminate the world of man-eating giants.
Watch it for: The BFD that is Roald Dahl’s books brought to life by Steven Spielberg.

The Legend of Tarzan – July 1
Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard), who has been living as a Lord in London with wife Jane (Margot Robbie), goes back to the Congo to fight a corrupt Belgian captain (Christoph Waltz).
Watch it for: Finding your inner wild child.

The Purge: Election Year – July 1
A senator (Elizabeth Mitchell) and front-runner presidential candidate vows to end the Purge, making her a prime target on the annual all-crime-is-legal night(mare).
Watch it for: An election year almost as scary as ours.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – July 8
Two party animal brothers (Zac Efron and Adam Levine) look for nice, respectable dates for their sister’s Hawaiian wedding and get hustled by a couple of even harder partying, raunchy disasters (Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza).
Watch it for: Girls gone wild, with more humor and possibly less scandal.

The Secret Life of Pets – July 8
[ooyala video=”xsa25zMjE6P0JtV52k9_vSxjjXQE66xI”][/ooyala]
A terrier (Louis C.K.) finds his favorite pet status threatened when a giant mutt is brought home from the pound. They end up on the streets where they meet a cute but crazed bunny trying to seek revenge on owners that abandoned their pets.
Watch it for: What pets really think and do when you’re not around.

Ghostbusters – July 15
[ooyala video=”thbzNtMTE6DvIdwSmHMe9XKbNEUBUaPk”][/ooyala]
When paranormal activity ramps up in New York, a new team of Ghostbusters — a
nuclear engineer, quantum physicist, paranormal scientist, and a subway worker — get to slime-fighting. Chris Hemsworth is their hunky, dimwitted receptionist.
Watch it for: The four funniest comediennes you’re gonna call.

The Infiltrator – July 15
A DEA agent (Bryan Cranston) goes undercover to infiltrate the world’s largest drug cartels in the ’80s and helps take down Pablo Escobar.
Watch it for: Walter White on the other side of the drug equation.

Absolutely Fabulous – July 22
When the extravagant and stylish Edina and Patsy accidentally push Kate Moss off a yacht into the Thames, they find themselves hounded by paparazzi and flee to the French Riviera.
Watch it for: An absolutely outrageous time, darling.

Star Trek Beyond – July 22
[ooyala video=lvOG5peTrIouIThS9-s_vHBO9Wt0RYZp][/ooyala]
Celebrate the golden anniversary of Star Trek with a new adventure. Halfway through their mission, the USS Enterprise is attacked by a new enemy, the “Swarm” (led by Idris Elba), and stranded on a new planet. Kirk, Spock, and the crew gain a new alien ally, Jaylah.
Watch it for: A new plot to let us boldly go where no man has gone before.

Ice Age: Collision Course – July 22
While chasing his acorn, Scrat is launched into space and sets off a series of events that causes a giant asteroid shower hurtling towards Earth and threatening to wipe out prehistoric life as we know it. Sid, Manny, Diego, and the gang turn to the yoga-loving Shangri Llama, who may just nama-save them all.
Watch it for: Ice, ice, baby.

Lights Out – July 22
Based on a short film of the same name, a brother and sister are stalked by a supernatural entity that only exists in the dark and has mysterious ties to their mother.
Watch it for: Another reason to be afraid of the dark.

Bad Moms – July 29
[ooyala video=”FtZ3k5MzE6GiPoO3U5qOf3PsqZ_ilkec”][/ooyala]
Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn are tired of trying to be perfect moms and decide to let loose and indulge themselves, much to the dismay of the prim and proper PTA moms, led by Christina Applegate.
Watch it for: Three great examples of why being bad feels so good.

Jason Bourne – July 29
Three movies (with Matt Damon) and nine years later, Jason Bourne is back in the game, dealing with his true identity, remembering but not knowing everything, and fighting cyber warfare. CIA field officer Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) returns and Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander join the cast.
Watch it for: Matt Damon re-Bourne.


Nine Lives – Aug. 5
Kevin Spacey is a workaholic billionaire who buys a cat from an eccentric pet store owner (Christopher Walken). He then gets trapped in the body of the cat aka Mr. Fuzzypants and must find a way to reconnect with his family to return to human form.
Watch it for: Kevin. Spacey. As. A. Cat.

Suicide Squad – Aug. 5
[ooyala video=I3eGU1MzE6E-N_QhiNiEfpTGT2tT_chM][/ooyala]
A team of unhinged, dangerous super villains is assembled to do what they do best – be bad guys — and help the government take on a mysterious enemy. The elite team is all sorts of crazy and includes a sorceress, reptilian cannibal, flame thrower, and multiple assassins.
Watch it for: Squad goals.

The Founder – Aug. 5
The true story of Illinois businessman who bought a hamburger stand from the McDonald brothers and turned it into a global fast food empire.
Watch it for: The story behind the golden arches.

Pete’s Dragon – Aug. 12
[ooyala video=”xpOGZ0MjE6mk0oJI0P1Nlmeq1fTi2l9x”][/ooyala]
A 10-year-old boy with no family has lived in the woods for several years accompanied only by his wit…and a green giant dragon. Starring Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard, and a CG upgrade from the animated dragon in the 1977 movie.
Watch it for: The biggest, best friend a boy could ask for.

Florence Foster Jenkins – Aug. 12
A biopic about a New York heiress whose passion for music was matched only by her lack of singing talent and went on to become an amateur opera singer.
Watch it for: Meryl Streep, whose voice you always want to hear.

Cafe Society – Aug. 12
In Woody Allen’s latest movie, a young Jewish man (Jesse Eisenberg) heads from the Bronx to the West Coast to work for his high-powered Hollywood agent uncle (Steve Carrell) and falls for his secretary (Kristen Stewart).
Watch it for: The glitz and glam of 1930s Tinseltown.

Sausage Party – Aug. 12
[ooyala video=”4zNWkyMjE6c3difohFc_BYEyZnhr2W4S”][/ooyala]
An animated film about supermarket food that learns the dark truth about what happens after they are chosen for purchase. Spoiler: they get eaten. Seth Rogen voices a sausage, and Kristen Wiig is his sexy bun.
Watch it for: R-rated table manners.

Kubo and the Two Strings – Aug. 19
[ooyala video=”81ZW5zMjE6r5SCx4usmiYTuuvOXdnXJe”][/ooyala]
From the studio behind Coraline and The Boxtrolls comes a story about a 12-year-old boy with magical powers who accidentally awakens a powerful spirit and travels to Japan to find the truth behind his samurai father.
Watch it for: Stop-motion magic.

The Space Between Us – Aug. 19
A young boy born and raised on Mars travels to Earth to explore his home planet for the first time, and with the help of a girl from Earth, find his real father.
Watch it for: A different type of martian.

Ben-Hur – Aug. 19
Director Timur Bekmambetov puts his spin on the classic tale of a nobleman who is betrayed by his friend and adoptive brother and seeks revenge by challenging him to a chariot race.
Watch it for: A race for life or death.

War Dogs – Aug. 19
[ooyala video=”h0NmRjMjE6rT-6G3R3xu2RvZ4xlQxvG2″][/ooyala]
Based on a true story, two young entrepreneurs (Jonah Hill and Miles Teller) surprisingly land a 300 million dollar Pentagon contract to supply arms to US troops in Afghanistan.
Watch it for: Two bros at a comedic gun show.

Mechanic: Resurrection – Aug. 26
Contract killer Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is forced out of retirement when the love of his life is kidnapped, and he is must complete three seemingly impossible assassinations across the world.
Watch it for: A globe-trotting Statham, doing what he does best.

Don’t Breathe – Aug. 26
Three teen thieves break into the house of a blind veteran in what they think will be an easy heist. They soon find out the blind man is anything but helpless, and they must maintain complete silence to make it out alive.
Watch it for: Literally blind violence and silent terror.

Hands of Stone – Aug. 26
Robert De Niro is trainer Ray Arcel and Edgar Ramirez is Roberto Duran, the Panamanian who rose from nothing and became one of the most successful boxers of all time, beating then undefeated Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher) for the 1980 Welterweight title.
Watch it for: A true story with a punch.

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