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Spring is just starting to warm up in March, but there’s plenty of hot released to enjoy this month. From a grim post-apocalyptic New York to the shadowy world of Russian spies to the clash of two superheros, there’s plenty for fans to dig into.

Here are team Fandom’s recommendations for March.

Playing Heavy Rain on March 1

There are few developers in the game industry as controversial at David Cage. The developer behind Indigo Prophecy, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain is known for lofty promises and a commitment to revolutionizing video game stories. While that may not always come to fruition, we can say that everything Cage makes is at least incredibly interesting. Heavy Rain is a story game that actually plays around with quick time events, permadeath and a rich ensemble cast. Yes, it fumbles here and there, but it remains a great example of a developer pushing and prodding at the limits of video-game storytelling. If you didn’t play it when it came out in 2010, now’s your chance to play the noir-thriller in HD. [Jorge Albor]

Watching The Characters Premiere on March 11

This recommendation is wholly driven by my personal affection for all things Lauren Lapkus and a desire for her to become a household name. While moviegoers may vaguely recognize her as one of the geeky techs in Jurassic World, and TV watchers may remember her as the awkward guard from Orange Is the New Black, improv fans — particularly those who listen to Earwolf podcasts — know she’s the best character improviser this side of Paul F. Tompkins. Giving her (and a cast of other people I can only assume are funny by association) a free-range sketch show on Netflix is the perfect opportunity for her true talents to shine. In the meantime, listen to her first appearance as Ho-Ho the Naughty Elf on Comedy Bang Bang! and try to keep a straight face. [Brett Bates]

Playing Tom Clancy’s The Division on March 16

Since its official announcement at E3 2013, The Division has seen faced a series of delays, and at times in its long development cycle, it felt like it may never have seen the light of day. Now that it’s nearly here, I think the game has so much potential to be everything I am looking for in a console MMO. It combines RPG-like character progression, fun shooter mechanics, a variety of end-game content, and unique gameplay elements such as the PVP “Dark Zones” with an intriguing story that takes place in a rich, detailed version of a post-apocalyptic Manhattan. Oh, and loot, glorious loot. As one of our Fan Contributors Brandon Marcus recently surmised in this excellent analysis: The Division has the potential to succeed where Destiny seems to be faltering lately. [Matthew Allen]

Binge-Watching House of Cards on March 16

It’s an election year, and there’s only one thing to say about it: FU2016 — that is, “Frank Underwood 2016,” the leader we all deserve. After cheating, scheming, and killing his way to the White House, Frank has gotten a little taste of presidential power and, now seeking a second term, isn’t likely to give it up without a fight. Meanwhile, Claire has stepped away from Frank’s side and out of his shadow in pursuit of her own agenda. The two are their most explosive when they manipulate and bring out the worst in each other, and Season 4 promises an all-out Underwood vs. Underwood battle. And given this year’s forthcoming non-fictional electoral circus, House of Cards‘ take on the dark underbelly of politics seems smarter and more relevant than ever. Let the games begin. [Lesley Chen]

Watching The Americans on March 16

Since it debuted, The Americans has been a critical darling, often called the one of the best shows on TV. Created and produced by a former CIA officer, the show follows Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, two KGB officers posing as an average suburban American married couple. This deadly and sneaky duo carries out assassinations, surveillance and other feats of espionage under the noses of unsuspecting children and CIA-employed neighbors, usually while disguised in the best ’80s wigs and fashions ever. This new season promises some super explosive revelations and happenings, particularly as the Jennings come out to their eldest daughter in hopes of inducting her into the cause of the motherland. [Annette Cardwell]

Binge-Watching Daredevil on March 18

Season 2 of Daredevil drops on Netflix on Friday, March 18 at 12:01 AM. After all of the visceral awesomeness of the first season, I can’t wait to see how Marvel ups the ante this time around. We know that The Punisher and Elektra will show up on the scene, complicating Matt Murdock’s personal mission of cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen, but there are surely plenty street justice surprises in store. [Brian Linder]

Watching Batman v Superman on March 25

This is the big one. Everything is riding on this both for DC’s efforts into building a cinematic universe of repute and in keeping the needle moving for the audiences of films like this. Regardless of the individual’s opinion, and there are many, this is different than what Marvel has been working on. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice needs to be good because — for true growth and evolution in the medium — there has to be competition. This dark epic and precursor to The Justice League has very specific goals of launching a gigantic brand with a bang. Luckily Ben Affleck looks like a terrific Batman and Henry Cavill has so far done a nice job of playing the Man of Steel. With a heavy cast of characters both villainous and lawful, Zack Snyder’s film introduces the new Batman, the new Lex Luthor, the first onscreen Wonder Woman, and so many more iconic favorites from the page. Advance buzz has been hard to pin down because of how strong the emotions are regarding this film, but the fact remains that this is the biggest, most challenging, and potentially most rewarding superhero film in years. It’s an unmissable event. [Nick Nunziata]

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